Advocate Marketing System

This is the fastest way to set up the CAVE (Customer Advocate Viral Engagement) system.

Note the front-end website side requires WordPress, and our Advocate Marketing wordpress plugin, as well as the paid CAVE system.

The basic process is:

  1. SWIFTCLOUD SEQUENCES: Create the following marketing sequences in SwiftCloud’s Autoresponder / Marketing Sequences editor:
    1. CAVE Referrals to Referred People
    2. CAVE Referrals to Referrer Thanks
    3. CAVE Photo / Video Contest Entry
    4. CAVE Review Positive Thanks
    5. CAVE Review Negative Confirmation
  2. SWIFTCLOUD FORMS: Create the following Forms inside SwiftCloud’s Website Forms Generator, and take note of the form ID for each – write it down or make a note:
    1. CAVE Reviews Positive
    2. CAVE Reviews Negative
    3. CAVE Referrer Thanks
    4. CAVE Referral Welcome Offer
    5. CAVE Photo / Video Contest
  3. WORDPRESS SETTINGS: Enter the WordPress settings per above
  4. Test it.. add in a few test-reviews, positive and negative. Don’t worry, you can easily delete any review any time.
  5. Done!
  6. Last, you need to get people to your reviews page – use our mass email tools, add it to your email signature, link to it from your website pages, add to any transaction receipts and whatever else you think of to get traffic to it.