Wordpress e-commerce plugin

SwiftCloud contains a basic e-commerce platform, and associated WordPress plugin.

It’s slick if you sell services or just a few products. If you sell over ~20 products, we recommend other systems such as Woo Commerce.

That said, below is the official list of shortcode documentation. Note the shortcode generator will handle all this for you, but if you are using some alternate editor (i.e. TinyMCE, Cornerstone, Bootstrap code generators), the shortcode-generator tool may not display.


  • [swiftshop product=”123″ ] /// this would generate a sales-box, but with no button (assuming you wanted to manually add your own button with some other URL)
  • [swiftshop product=”118″ ssbutton=”http://swiftsignature.com/wp-content/plugins/swift-shop/shortcode-generator/js/btn_img/buynow9.png”]
    • Any usual text can go between the above and below tags – typically about the product, the price, title, etc. – formatting is allowed, including photos and bulleted lists. Note this is a single centered sales-box.
    • [swiftshop product=”123″ bgcolor=”#ccc” bordercolor=”#ff7200″ ] // notice you can define the background color and border color if you wish to override the defaults.
  • [/swiftshop]  // this closes the sales-box
  • [swiftshop product=”123″ auto_redirect=”on” ssbutton=”https://swiftcloud.io/electronic-signature/wp-content/plugins/swift-shop/shortcode-generator/js/btn_img/buynow9.png”]
    • Note that clicking the “auto redirect” will take the user straight to payment, typically used with a single buy-now product (vs. a shopping cart containing multiple products and services). Also, this will create the user’s swiftcloud account _after_ payment instead of before.
    • Coming soon – contact us for beta access.