This is the developer’s main page.

For the moment, it’s simple to the point of negligence, however, contact us and let us know what you need. We are a coding-first organization and value technical relationships and want to help you achieve whatever you’re tasked with.

Also, we are already underway on version 2.0 of SwiftCloud, which is heavily based on APIs for just about every function in the program. Should you need something, requesting it will most likely cause it to get bumped up, and/or we’ll let you know a short term hack (i.e. simple http Post or Get hacks) while we develop format RESTful APIs.

For the short term immediate solution, the most common API use as of Feb 2017 is leveraging SwiftForm WebForms to port data out to various industry-specific solutions.

SwiftForm has a Remote-Post capability, with a Json variable-translation bridge, so that variables conform to any names expected by the remote systems. Currently, a single form can post to one other remote system, however, if you need multiple, you could post this to Zapier, which will re-syndicate the data on a cron basis every few minutes. SwiftCloud can add remote-post to all internal systems, so you could for example (1.) open a trouble ticket in Swift Helpdesk / Swift Tasks, and also (2.) open a CRM opportunity so you charge the user or sell them a package, and (3.) start a marketing sequence / autoresponder, and (4.) also post to some other remote system, and of course all the data is saved to that user’s contact-record.

As we build out more specific and form APIs, this page will evolve. If you need something in the short term, drop us a line and we’ll update this documentation as needed.

API Specific Documentation: