electronic signature software

If you have set up electronic signature, and are getting a “Page Not Found” error when you run a test, the most likely scenario is the thank-you-page, the page the form is set to redirect to after submission, has not been set.

Here’s how to fix – it’s easy:

  1. Login to SwiftCloud and go to https://swiftcloud.io/form/my-forms
  2. Click your form. Hopefully you followed the setup directions and created a form; if you have not, you’ll need to create a new form and follow the setup instructions.
  3. Next, ensure that your thank-you page, which SwiftCloud / SwiftSignature will redirect your users to after the signature has been captured, frozen, and converted into a signed doc, is set correctly. We don’t know this page, you have to copy it from your WordPress installation or some other URL. Typically this is a simple page that says “Thanks! We’ve received your signed doc”, and that’s about it, but it could redirect to a payment page, a setup form, client intake info, your appointment scheduling tool, or whatever you choose.
    electronic signature redirect

That’s it! Once done, this should be working.

NOTE: the above is a purely cosmetic error. Technically, if you see this error the form is probably working and probably capturing the signed document, but the final confirmation is missing.