Need a Debt Settlement Website?

You’re in the right place. We’ve done a handful, and have a complete system – with videos, pre-written content, online application, leads-management system, and more.

This site is under construction, because we’re finishing our client’s sites first. Just contact us for a quick tour.

Recent sites include:

[NOTE: These are LIVE SITES. Do NOT contact the client for questions, and please do not enter any data… please call US.. if you want to test functionality, please just contact us for a dummy website / testing environment website.]

…more to follow. All Debt Settlement Websites include’s Debt Settlement Videos & Calculator, and complete integration with SwiftCRM’s leads management system.

Some common questions:

  1. What about the report and video? Do we get that? YES… in short, the video is simply the main sales / explanation video, and the DVD cover is created just to increase perceived value. The report is an autoresponder we will ghost-write for you and hook up to an autoresponder.
  2. Can I make changes? Yes, of course.. these sites are hand-created, though we use the templates as a jumping off point to “hit the ground running”. We can match any colors, add and subtract pages easily, etc. Once the page is approved, we will hook it up to our control panel system, so you can take over and edit the site as you see fit.
  3. Is the video host (like on part of the price? Video hosts (the woman walking out of the right bottom corner) is custom shot for you, based on a script we collaboratively write. So no, it’s not included, but pricing starts generally from $299 + $50 for each versions (i.e. one for your main page, one for a landing page, perhaps another for recruiting) i.e. one clip is $299, but 3 clips is only $399 – because we have to schedule the talent, shoot, edit, etc. Other optional parts: Custom-skinned integrated wordpress blog. This is great for search engine optimization, but only if you really use it. If you’re not intending to really market your debt settlement website online, don’t bother with won’t get the mileage out of this to make it worth it. If you do, however, once you set it up, you can create a stream of free leads. Cost for this is $399 additional to add to any debt settlement website, but don’t buy this unless you are prepared to use it. We can include about half an hour of consulting to get you trained, in order to use it, you’ll need to write about 20-30 articles in a very specific way and then get other website to link back to yours (or do it yourself using sites like facebook, twitter, etc.).
  4. What about SEO? Search engine optimization, the process of making your debt settlement website appear at the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo seach results happens via 2 parts: on-site SEO (the blend of content on the actual website), and backlinks aka “votes”. If links to you, this is a very powerful “vote”, if grandma’s blog “votes for you” it’s not very powerful but does count and help. Every site we build is very, very well search engine optimized in advance (you’re reading this page, aren’t you? We got you here…) but to really “SEO your site” you’ll need to get backlinks via writing articles, press releases, social media, or just outsource the task. Note: we cannot get involved in that, or all our clients would be competing against each other, but we do give every client a strong leg up over almost all other website developers.

If you’re ready to get a debt settlement website created, give us a call. Let us know your marketing plans, the size of your team, what separates you from you competition, and what branding (if any) you have in place such as logos or colors. We typically answer a bunch of questions, get some non-money data such as your main sales phone, company address, legal name, branding name, colors / logos desired, overall template or theme desired, how you intend to use the website, fax number – and then we get started on your debt settlement website. Most often, we work for a few days on our own, then show you an “alpha release” for your notes… you give us notes about what you like, hate, need to change and we work a few more days on a “beta release”, get a final round of notes, then usually a few more days later we’re done. On average, the process takes about two weeks, but has been done in as little as a few days depending on notes and functionality of the debt settlement website.

For more information – give us a call. We can help and look forward to speaking with you.

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