Exporting Data

To get data from electronic signatures we have a crude temporary fix.

First: The quick, easy, solution even if not ideal: Export Contacts.

You can then revise the data in Excel or Google Spreadsheets as needed. We know this isn’t ideal – the next version of SwiftCloud already in process (as of Jan 2016) has far more advanced tools with boolean controls – but for now, this should work.

You’ll then see 2 options: Comma Separated and Tab Separated.

Note if you have data likely to contain commas in the native data – for example, street addresses written out like

123 Maple Lane, Niceville, CA, 90210

then we recommend Tab separated values. The same might apply if you are not using number validation and customers are likely to have written $123,000.00 in a field. Note: Our forms system including electronic signature do have the ability to strip out non-numeric characters for this reason.

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