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Sending your first invoice is easy and free!

  1. Define your settings for how you want to get paid (one time only)
  2. Create your invoice / quote / credit memo

First, visit your Accounting Setup Page at

In the top right, set a payment method – we recommend Paypal to start…

Invoice Software Free

Next, on the left side, set your currency, number format (i.e. USA or Euro / International style), dates (USA vs. rest of the world) – and optionally define a color and logo. If you don’t add your own logo, Swift Invoice will be displayed.

Invoice Software Settings

Be sure to hit save at the bottom.

Next let’s send an invoice!

On the left, under Accounting >> Incoming click “Create New”. This will be money incoming to you. If you receive an invoice from someone that you are expected to pay or or requested to pay, it will show under Accounting >> Outgoing >> Invoices (Payable)

Invoice Generator

First, set your recipient – you’ll need an email address. Later we’ll add SMS if you only have a phone- if you need us, let us know and we’ll hustle that feature to the top for you. Anyway – add a a name and email and click save. Note this person will be (1.) saved to your address book, and (2.) given a free basic SwiftCloud account of their own by which to manage any and all invoices – but signup is NOT required. We want to get you paid as fast and easy as possible!

Next, add as many line-items as you like. In the top right you can optionally change this from an invoice to a quote, credit memo for past payments already made, etc.

If you need advanced features like partial payments, taxes on some or all of the purchase, shipping, or other items click the “Advanced” tab. We like to keep things simple and easy to understand, but there’s more power under the hood if you need it.

Once you click Save and Send, we’ll generate the invoice, which will be web-readable (no signup required), and it will be listed on – your list of all invoices. You can add as many as you like. If you’ve generated quotes, credit memos for partial payments etc. you’ll see it here.

We’ll also track, with times and dates, all activity to the invoice, including views, and can optionally remind the recipients automatically on a pre-set campaign that escalates if not paid.

Enjoy and welcome!

Have some feedback? Need some specific feature? Let us know via the support system at


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