SwiftCloud is most effective when multiple tools are used together – here’s our ideal real estate configuration and the benefits of each:

SwiftCloud + WordPress is the
ultimate real estate system.

Problem #1: Position yourself as the Expert Of Choice for real estate problems.

SwiftCloud for Real EstateYou need to build a “mini brand”, where you are the first call people make when they inherit a house, need to move, want to buy, want to invest in real estate.

This requires repeated exposures (i.e. Keller Williams style 8 touches in 8 weeks and “33 Touch” systems) that are a mix of demonstrating expertise, relatable stories and a bit of warmth, since people do business with those they like. This also requires categorizing your database, your “book of business”.

Priority #1: Get More Transactions

SwiftCloud for Real Estate tools for this:

  • SwiftCRM to manage opportunities. Anytime someone has “raised their hand” and is a lead you want to actively work, and not just market to, they belong in SwiftCRM. This will help you track transaction status, work with buyers until an offer is accepted, and never drop a lead, even slow-moving empty nester listings.
  • Swift Marketing for 8 by 8 touch (autoresponder sequence that allows for multiple touch-points – phone calls, snail-mail postcards, etc.)
  • Swift Marketing for 33 Touch (ours is actually 61 Touch if you include social media postings, which we do)
  • SwiftCloud’s Address Book – a powerful tag-based system (i.e. I have 3 tags: Father, Husband, Son, but one record) that allows polling (rent vs. own…), data appending (mailing address etc.), importing (from phone, facebook, google, CSV list)
  • Swift Marketing mass email for newsletters
  • Swift Marketing inbound marketing manager
  • Swift Tasks to manage calls you need to make
  • Swift Forms + SwiftCloud’s WordPress Plugins + A WordPress Website = easy free report “lead bait”, MLS searches online with capture that feeds into your marketing, popups for landing pages, “page toppers”, overlays, slide-ups, etc. that are proven to increase lead generation, and even online signature (buyer agreements, listings, whatever).
  • Swift Radar online monitoring tools for free online leads (FSBO, Expired, Probate, REO, Relocation) and SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) (i.e. displacing the incumbent market leaders).
  • Swift Academy – easily put up an online class that positions you as the expert for topics like real estate investing or creating a will
  • Swift Helpdesk – provide another reminder that you welcome real estate questions, combined with a searchable, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly way for people to see topics you have answered.
  • Swift Calendar – reduce the back-and-forth phone tag to setup a listing appointment or buyer’s initial meeting with this virtual secretary / self-scheduling tool.

A note for agents at this stage: Realtors move shops. It happens. While every brokerage wants you to use their tools, this handcuffs you to them – which is why they push it so hard. Tip: use your own domain, your own email, your own phone so if you leave, your clients go with you.

Yes, it will cost a bit more in the short term – but in the long run could save you a lot of money and time.

Problem #2: Grow your “Awareness Bubble” and market share.

Marketing Funnel Real EstateYour personal friends you’ve got covered- but what about that friend of a friend who also received two other realtor referrals? That former work colleague who you’re only sort of friends with? Real estate is about slowly moving people “down the funnel” from unaware, to aware of who you are and what you do, to doing business with you on an actual transaction, and finally becoming a raving fan who refers you.

  • All the above plus…
  • Swift Marketing outbound campaigns management, which may get integrated with expired data (typically by exporting CSV data from your MLS then importing it into a SwiftCloud Outbound Campaign, or by hooking up an API with a 3rd-party expired service or foreclosure data service)
  • Swift Books accounting, so you track not only case-specific accounting right into the CRM (appraisals, deposit checks, inspections, etc.), but also your own accounting for transaction coordinators, advertising costs with associated leads and ROI so you can see your cost-per-lead and cost-per-closed-deal
  • Swift Tasks for transaction management – store complete conversation logs, team contact info, docs including electronic signatures, copies of deposit checks, disclosure “CYA” (“Cover Your Assets”) forms, inspections, appraisals, HUD-1s along with managing the status of everything and associated relevant dates for contingency removals, loan approvals, inspections, closings
  • Swift Tasks for everything else – managing marketing tasks, even handling other tasks like legal compliance, on-going education, personal tasks.
  • SwiftCloud Docs & File Storage & sharing for a single place to store company docs, policies and other files, with optional sharing, mail-merge, e-signature, and more.
  • Swift Signature. Most agents have this because 1st-generation providers have cut deals with MLSs, that said, we also have this integrated into SwiftCloud, and do some things differently – among them, easy web-based-templates for things like buyer agreements.

Problem #3: Transcend being an agent into owning a real business.

Business OwnersReal estate can net you $30,000 paychecks or more but at a certain stage you want to build a business that gives you freedom – freedom to spend time with your loved ones, to travel, and one day, to sell the business or retire from active duty but keep the cash flow. A true business is built only after you have given away all the hats and roles required to run the business by systemizing everything, but still netting positive cash flow. These are also the businesses that sell – most agents never sell their practice and never truly build a business.

SwiftCloud can help you standardize, automate, and streamline like never before, so you can gradually phase yourself out while still retaining cash flow from a business that is helped by you, but does not require you to run day to day.

  • All the above plus…
  • Swift Clock to manage staff time (assistants, etc.)
  • Swift Staff to manage team HR needs (training, HR docs, license expiration, team permissions, recruiting of agents, disciplinary notes, emergency contact  / call sheets). Swift Staff also has a small talent and skills marketplace for freelancers to help with website maintenance and other marketing tasks such as flyer creation.
  • Swift Invoice for handling BPOs and REO business with banks or other consulting work, or working with contractors on rehabs, etc.
  • Swift Coach to help you get the most from yourself and your staff through accountability tracking.

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