Need a Loan Modification Website Template?

We have exactly what you need – but better. First, most loan modification website template options are lacking some of the features our systems have as standard, such as:

  • Videos pre-made, branded to you, to sell 24/7 for you, help a spouse explain your services to their partner, to help referral sources like real estate agents tell others about how you can help them, save you thousands of hours per year, and provide 3rd-party validation for you and your sales team.
  • Online control panel, so your loan modification website template isn’t just a starting place that will require hours of editing, weeks of waiting for a designer, or the cost of hiring a programmer. Instead, you’ll choose a template, your basic website will be setup by hand, and you’ll then take over and edit your website using a simple online control panel no more difficult than writing an email. Normally, when you find a loan modification website template, while you might save some money off the initial investment of a custom website, in the end you’ll spend more time and miss some of the features that can create more leads. Naturally, this includes hosting, so you won’t get “nickel and dime’d” for extra expenses.
  • Integrated CRM and Leads Management with All our our loan modification website template options are pre-integrated so that your “apply online” feature will create a trackable, assignable sales opportunity. Landing pages will create leads for you and your sales team, and you’ll be able to quickly add additional landing pages for use by affiliates, various internet marketing campaigns, domain redirect so you can track your response on mail, tv, or radio campaigns, or even give each sales rep their own application page to help them close and track their own sales.

One of the most important considerations in looking for a loan modification website template is how you intend to market. If you plan to run TV and radio advertising, you want to be sure to align your creative so viewers see a consistent design theme. We can help you produce a unique TV ad and introduce you to media buying teams who can take any budget (airtime starts from just $13 per 30-second spot, though average is $90 – $250, with an average cost-per-call around $40) and help you reach your audience. For companies using direct mail as their primary advertising method, your loan modification website template really needs to focus on building trust and conveying expertise.

Another easy addition we recommend for your loan modification website template is a guide to creating a hardship letter. This should really be password protected, and even better, can be marketing “bait” to create leads because some consumers may be starting this process on their own and could use your services. However you use this, using your loan modification website template as a resource for your clients with FAQ’s, a glossary, help on hardship letters, a personal budget form, authorization forms, etc. can help you save time handling files in process while clearly demonstrating your expertise.

One last consideration relevant only if you are just ramping up your company and brand is what feeling you wish to convey. This might be “trust” or “professionalism”, but can also be “inexpensive” or “tough negotiators”. Generally speaking with debt settlement and loan modification, a rather proactive “strong” brand can better create action among consumers. This means a strong use of red most commonly within your loan modification website template (red is generally a color of action, stop, danger, blood(!), emergency…), while traditionally, dark blue is the most common color of trust. Obviously red, white, and blue within the United States appears pretty patriotic, which can help companies who reference government programs within their mailer advertising or branding. While this might seem like a minute detail, the right brand image can mean the difference between Nordstrom’s and Kmart – both sell similar goods, it’s just the service and image and experience that differs.

If you’re looking for a loan modification website template, call us now to check out our bundled packages – we’re confident you’ll like what you see.

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