EmailMar 03,2011

Here’s how to setup your email for your new domain. Frequently asked questions below, and as always, submit any questions through /support and we’ll append this document. Simple Fast Version: Setup at If for some reason the video above doesn’t work, or you missed something, or need more info, this older video may help. Read More…

How to Edit Your Navigation

How to Edit Your Navigation Menu using / – the world’s most powerful wordpress system.


NameserversFeb 01,2011

Here’s how to set the nameservers if you have already bought the domain (shown here on GoDaddy, but the concept is the same and nameservers are the same on any registrar). Want to see it again? This is an older video covering the same topic. If you did the above, you don’t need to see Read More…

Auto Repair Website Template

An Auto Repair Website Template from SwiftWebDesigner gets you a complete working turn-key system that will increase your car counts, average repair ticket, and stabilize income with maintenance orders.

How to Build a Website

How to Build a Website. Is conceptually simple, but it’s like asking “How to catch a 747 with a kite”. Getting a professional website built is faster, cheaper, and easier than ever with Swift Web Designer

Facts About Web Design

I was researching this for some of our own marketing, and found it interesting. First, an old fact: 75% “of web users admit making judgments about the credibility of an organization based on the design of its web site”. [Source: Study by B.J. Fogg at Stanford ] This is interesting, but dated; my hypothesis is that these days, Read More…

Auto Mechanic Website Template

Auto Mechanic Website Template systems come pre-connected to SwiftCMS & SwiftCRM to increase your car count, average order, and will help you stabilize your income via maintenance and elective work.

Custom Web Design Services

The importance of the custom web design services cannot be denied. If you are desirous and wish to increase your business in a better manner in order to get to your customers by utilizing the wider medium then you should pay much importance to this. The websites, no doubt, are very important for any business. Read More…

Website Landing Page

Many of the users might be unknown of the name “landing page”. It is the most important page one can ever think. It is more appropriate to say as the base of any site. Website landing page is the face of web. It is the page that appears after the visitor clicks on the link. Read More…

SEO Friendly Design

SEO Friendly DesignDec 11,2010

This is the time, when competition in the business market has become overly tough. To get success in such a competitive market, each and every business is in need of working in the best possible way, by incorporating latest business practices. If you are also looking forward to get success, then it is important that Read More…