How to Get Website Traffic

How to Get Website Traffic – Simple explanation of how Search Engine Optimization works. Or, just get SwiftWebDesigner (Free reports, videos) and it’ll be done for you automatically.

Gendesiccom – Credit Card Charge

If you have a charge from GENDESICCOM, it may be from us. Contact us if you have any questions about your bill. Other services in our family that may appear as GENDESICCOM: – video marketing services SwiftCRM – sales and marketing dashboard – electronic Signature GENDESICCOM is of course short for, our Read More…

Why Webmail is Better

Why Webmail is Better – Solve email sync issues, work smarter.

Switch to SwiftCRM

Switch to SwiftCRMMay 12,2010

How to reduce your CRM costs, increase ROI, increase functionality by switching to SwiftCRM, your instant sales dashboard and company intranet.

CSV Import

CSV ImportApr 30,2010

How to import Aged Leads into SwiftCRM, or migrate from competing systems to SwiftCRM hosted CRM software.


Thanks!Apr 13,2010

Thanks! We’ll be in touch soon.

Help >> Subscription Expired

How to fix a “Subscription Expired” message so it doesn’t happen again.

Problem: Autoresponder Sending with Wrong Account Info

Problem: Autoresponder Sending with Wrong Account Info: Solution: Be sure 2 settings are correct; one within Admin >> General Settings (outgoing email SMTP or Gmail Account), and that the Autoresponder Message is set to “My Pipeline Only”

Lead Posting Code Example

Here’s yet another example of the code required to post leads directly into SwiftCRM:

Variables for Web Forms

Naming of variables for hooking up a web form to SwiftCRM.