Law Firm Websites

Law Firm WebsitesSep 28,2010

Law Firm Websites article goes here. There’s a page here. here’s some content.

insurance website

insurance websiteSep 27,2010

insurance website

Professional Web Designer USA

Here are the top 5 expensive, but common, avoidable mistakes people make when looking for a professional web designer in the USA. One of the most common mistakes is shopping for a website based on price, when what really matters is price-per-lead, price-per-sale, or price-per-closed-deal. A website isn’t a brochure, it’s a storefront, and a good storefront will be a profit center, not an expense item, but shopping based purely on price doesn’t get you the best web designer – you typically get people desperate for business.

How to be #1 in Google – Executive Summary

How to be #1 in Google – Executive Summary… a quick layman’s explanation of what SEO is and how it works.

Google Apps

Google AppsAug 08,2010

We recommend (and use ourselves!) the following Google services, all free: Google Analytics. We will set this up for you if you purchase a website with us. It will help you understand how people are using your site – how many, what pages, etc.; we’ll also help you read the reports (they’re easy to understand). Read More…

Advanced SEO Tools

Advanced SEO ToolsJul 19,2010

These tools are not for the rookies. If you’re serious about Search Engine Optimization, these tools may prove helpful: – tells you about the engine(s) under the hood – highlights SEO vulnerabilities of competitors, among other data – quick report about overall SEO Backlink Analyzer – tool from (free!) to see Read More…

Problem: Custom Page Types not showing up in WordPress

Problem: Custom Page Types not showing up in Wordpress: Solution: Disable the theme (enable any other theme), then re-enable your chosen theme after uploading.

Advertise Online

Advertise OnlineJul 10,2010

The top 50 ad networks online, and how to ensure, or at least maximize the odds of getting a profitable campaign.

Password Protection

Password ProtectionJun 30,2010

How to Password Protect Content: It’s easy! As in, really easy – provided you know where to look. When you’re on a Page or Post within the control panel, look in the top right. Next to where it says “Public”, click Edit, so it looks like this… Set a password and you’re done! Note the Read More…

New Domain Registration

If you’re registering a new domain (often at GoDaddy, but any registrar will do), this post can save you some money and time. First, don’t buy anything other than the domain itself. GoDaddy is the king of upsells – ignore all of it, skip to the bottom and just check out. The domain should cost Read More…