New users + Visitors: All signed docs will generate PDFs, typically emailed to both you and the sender.

NOTE: for 95% of docs, PDFs should not be used – because they won’t look as good on phones. For most clients, we strongly recommend our shortcode based system – it’s simple, responsive, easy, and works better, and will format nicely on all devices.

PDFs are used when the format must match 100% exactly to the source, such as for government forms such as U.S. W4s, i9s, W2s, 1099s, – government forms that will be turned back into the government and thus must match exactly.

This is about making PDFs – and other images, such as blueprints or logos – electronically signable.

All that said: PDF conversion is currently being revised and is disabled – but we have good news – we’ll handle it for you. If you are seeing this message and need a PDF converted, on which the output must match the exact format, email your PDF to SwiftCloudHelp {at} Gmail dot com and we’ll be happy to help.