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SwiftCloud, a leading cloud-based software provider specifically for small businesses has released a free new WordPress plugin that enables electronic signature forms on any webpage, available at https://wordpress.org/plugins/electronic-signatures/

The freemium application helps small business owners go paperless while saving both time and money on new customer intake and is ideal for general forms such as release of liability, intake estimates, loan applications, and receipt of information verification.

The company is embracing a movement toward open-source software and specifically WordPress, which powers over 27% of all websites with over 76.5 million users.

“We are working on bringing advanced features previously found only in high-end enterprise systems to the masses” said Roger Vaughn, founder at SwiftCloud.

“For small businesses, common concerns are cost, flexibility and not getting painted into a corner, technically speaking, and ease of maintenance. Choosing the free WordPress platform with its massive base of talent to maintain and customize especially when combined with these new plugins to extend it and customize it is easily the best choice for I think over 95% of small businesses.”

The electronic signature plugin is part of a freemium package as seen on SwiftSignature.com and allows any wordpress page to become electronically signable, with legally binding e-signatures. This is typically used for routine general paperwork and each signature generates a signed PDF that is stored online and optionally emailed to both parties.

Electronic signatures are legally binding as covered by the ESIGN act of  2000 and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) in the USA, the Electronic Signatures Directive of 1999 and 1993 in the EU, and various other laws in most jurisdictions around the world.

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