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SwiftCloud’s new structure is designed to work your way and provide a structure to interface with your clients.

SwiftCloud allows for your logo and colors, and is designed to be installed on your domain.

You can setup
for e-Sign, Forms, Client Portal & more.

This will help you set up something like

…and thus create your own branded-to-you portal. Docs can be signed, invoices and proposals seen, your own store or items sold, landing pages and more – on your domain.

You could even buy a domain like “XYZClientPortal.com” “BigCompanyOnboarding.com” if you choose – it doesn’t have to be a subdomain.

Example Suggestions

  • MyAccount.YourDomain.com  Other options are below, but this is where your clients & customers will login, and manage their accounts, so “MyAccount” is a great place to start.
  • Connect.YourDomain.com or Messages.YourDomain.com or Portal.YourDomain.com or Clients.YourDomain.com // general customer portal
  • Docs.YourDomain.com // used for proposals, invoices, e-signatures…
  • Apply.YourDomain.com // for advanced applications where the user may wish to resume – i.e. a mortgage application – if you’re focused on hiring and recruiting, or growing an affiliate network– or  Jobs.YourDomain.com, careers.yourdomain.com, etc.
  • Calendar.YourDomain.com or Scheduling.YourDomain.com // self scheduling / calendar / appointments tool – ideal for scheduled personal services (chiropractors, dental, massage therapists, hair salons, etc.)
  • Projects.YourDomain.com // ties to SwiftTasks / SwiftHelpdesk … or Helpdesk.YourDomain.com or Support.YourDomain.com – ideal for web developers & designers, freelancers of all types, construction / handyman / trades professionals
  • Sales.YourDomain.com or Quotes.YourDomain.com // Note: Nobody ever wants to feel “sold” – this is good for complex sales, say, solar installation or major remodeling.
  • Accounting.YourDomain.com or Payments.YourDomain.com or Invoices.YourDomain.com //
  • Checkout.YourDomain.com or Shop.YourDomain.com or Account.YourDomain.com //
  • Learning.YourDomain.com or Academy.YourDomain.com // to connect to SwiftAcademy.com

Note you can also iframe-mask a page if you prefer not to use a subdomain.

Your portal(s) can be customized and show the features you prefer most relevant to your business.

The following is customized to you:

  • Logo
  • Background (color, image)
  • Light or Dark text / theme
  • Link back to your main site URL


Note you need to be using CloudFlare (free or paid) currently to make this work, but you should be using CloudFlare anyway – it will make your site faster and help protect against hackers, and with their free plan, there’s no reason not to do it. Once you get set up, contact our team and we’ll set it up for you.

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