Any web form can easily feed your SwiftCRM account. This means you have the world’s best autoresponder along with your sales-team integration so you or they can follow up and track every lead from “prospect” to “closed/paid”.

In order to correctly populate your opportunities, you need to name your form-fields specifically. Below, we’ll cover how to ask for information not in this table. Also, for more specific integration, just ask – we’re happy to help.

  • iOpportunityId   //* NOTE: This is only for follow-up, i.e. if you have a multi-page form. If you are creating a simple basic lead-capture i.e. name/phone/email, you will not need to define this. Also, this requires PHP. We will cover using this in an advanced tutorial.
  • vOpportunityType  //* See
  • vExclusivityType  //* ignore in most cases; used if you sell leads and sell to 3-4 people at the same time.
  • iUrgency   //* ignore in most cases, but you can use it typically as a hidden field.
  • vIP     //* requires PHP to sniff out. Generally useful for multi-country work.
  • vReferrer //* requires php. useful for tracking PPC keywords, SEO, or referral sources.
  • vName   //* our system will automatically split this into firstname, lastname.
  • vFirstName   //* if your form uses separate fields for first/last name, use these.
  • vLastName
  • vEmail
  • vPassword  //* used for and/or advanced applications that allow users to save and log in to edit.
  • vPhone1
  • vPhone2
  • vFax
  • vStreet
  • vCity
  • vState
  • vZip
  • dBirthDate
  • vLongitude
  • vLatitude
  • vLeadTypeField1   //*  Lead Type Fields are information specific to the lead-type.
  • vLeadTypeField2  //*  For example, this might be “Value” for mortgage leads.
  • vLeadTypeField3  //*  For information on a specific type, contact us.
  • vLeadTypeField4
  • vLeadTypeField5
  • vLeadTypeField6
  • eGender  //* Must be Male or Female (caps sensitive)
  • Anything that doesn’t conform to this, can be saved into the comments by simply adding a “extra_” before any variable name (i.e. call the field “extra_favorite_color” and it will list “favorite_color = blue” in the comments).

    For advanced industry-specific applications such as an online 1003 (mortgage application), debt settlement application, etc. we have a separate database and method of saving data so it is suitable for export to industry-specific applications (i.e. Calyx Point or Ellie Mae’s Encompass; for debt settlement X-Ware).

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