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5 Minute Setup of WordPress Electronic Signature

NOTE: We use WordPress-style shortcodes (see video below), but at this time, integration to WordPress is minimal – though after signature, we usually just send a client back to your website. See video below for more info – it’s similar to WordPress, but the actual signature happens on our server (for security and reliability, and was required for more complex situations like multi-party signature etc.)

WORDPRESS USERS: If you were using our legacy 1.0 plugin, you are 90% done already and just don’t know it. Migration is easy – see https://swiftcloud.ai/support/wordpress-e-signature-plugin-migration

To get started, click https://swiftcloud.ai/products/electronic-signature
and choose a package that meets your needs.

Note we have discontinued the free program at this time as it simply was a lot of work for no payoff, so we’ve chosen to focus on serving fewer clients with better service. We may re-introduce limited free trials in the future, but have no plans to continue with free indefinite options. That said, what’s your time, paper, ink, toner & print cartridges worth? Even more valuable is fewer lost sales due to “slippage” – e-signature = faster commitment = ability to “strike while the iron is hot”.

Signing a doc for someone else (a subscriber) is always free.


The WordPress plugin will not allow e-signature, but soon will track receipts, log docs signed, and help you work with SwiftCloud.

All previously signed docs can be accessed for a few years, however, no new docs can be signed using the old 1.0 system.

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