Swift Conference Plugin

This plugin is in beta, but below are the shortcode tags for client reference.

Installation Steps:

  1. Create 3 pages (blank at first):
  1. Registration (can be on any page, sidebar, etc. too if you prefer)
  2. Webinar-NAME (assuming you might have more than one webinar type)
  3. Registration-confirmed. This is your “thanks page” i.e. what users see after registration.
  • On the Webinar-NAME page, paste the code below. Use a placeholder for the video. For the moment, we’ll presume you know how to embed video, and to make it look like a webinar, hide and disable all controls. We recommend hosting it on Amazon AWS (free for a basic account) for smooth and reliable playback without eating your bandwidth while protecting your content. If your webinar isn’t done, use a placeholder just to get things roughed in.
  • Write your thanks page i.e. registration-confirmed. Keep it simple. You can add viral share tools, free bonuses, etc. later but rough it in and get the basics set up fast (sketch it in) then go back and make it better.
  • Registration Form: Login to Aweber (for the moment, our plugin only handles playback, so the actual registration is hacked together – but it works). Create a new list called “XYZWebinar” for example, then you might create sublists, one for each event, if you have multiple concurrent events (thus that list can refer to a specific event, specific webinar). Add a custom variable called “localwebinartime”, and generate a basic form (name, phone, email, localwebinartime) for example.
  • Use that to set up your event-registration-form. This will require some HTML so it’s not for rookies; hire our team if needed to install and set up.
  • The basics should be done at this point!

Paste this section into your page and edit from there:

Each WED 3pm-5pm


[event starts=”WED 3pm PST” ends=”WED 5pm PST”]

[before] This event will start in [countdown][/before]

[after]This event ended[/after]

[content] html – video, whatever [/content]




You should get the idea.

Actual commands breakdown:

  • [event starts=”MON 4pm PST” ends=”MON 6pm PST”] – everything should be nested within the [event] tag i.e. after [event] and before [/event] – USE YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM or for cycle – MON 16:00
  • [countdown]shows a javascript countdown to the actual event.
  • [before] This event will start in [countdown][/before] – everything between these tags will show prior to the event.
  • [after] This event ended [/after] – Everything in this section will show for 24 hours following the event.
  • [content] html – video, whatever [/content]
  • [localwebinartime] – This is displays the time registered for (by reading a cookie from the user’s computer). It is used for 2 things:
  • to pass to your autoresponder as a hidden variable i.e. in Aweber, in the registration form, we can include (in the HTML of the form) <input name=”custom localwebinartime” type=”hidden”  value=”[localwebinartime]” />, then in the autoresponder write “Hi {firstname_fix}! We look forward to seeing you at {custom localwebinartime}!” and it will output something like “Hi John! We look forward to seeing you at 3pm Thursday!”.
  • To use on your thank-you-page, which might also have the same message, and perhaps a fancy coupon-style or reminder. Later we may get fancy and create some code to “click here to add to calendar” .ics format, etc. but for now, manual reminder it is.

Future Enhancements / Development Roadmap:

  • Div-Appears-Time. We should be able to use the above code for this and just add another div at the same time as the primary, but we need to be sure; this will allow a “buy now” button to appear at a certain time i.e. toward the end of the webinar without distracting the audience.
  • Unique URLs for each registrant. This is very important to see who shares it, and to trigger automation based on either showing up or not showing up.
  • Autoresponder Integration with SwiftMarketing’s Marketing Automation Suite (in development). This will send reminders prior to the event based on calendar-time i.e. X hours prior, and even Y hours after IF they didn’t attend.