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Starting today, we’ll be posting periodic updates as new features get released – and we have some fantastic news to share.

Naturally, this is about Swift Marketing, which is a marketing automation software suite to help you actively create demand.

Oct 2015 Update – SwiftCloud Marketing Automation Software

  1. Marketing Cookie Tracking (Cohort Tracking, if you’re a marketing pro): Any form generated over at (using the powerful drag-and-drop, no-html-editing-required system) will automatically set tracking cookies from the very first arrival point. Why this matters: When you capture leads on your website, you need to know what advertising method generated the sale – and now you can. Use example:
    1. OLD / BAD: What most small business owners do: they simply link to their website, with no tracking at all. Say they run a craigslist ad – and simply link to They have no idea how many leads came from craigslist, unless they really dive deep into Google Analytics and have goal tracking set up (most don’t). Because real estate conversion happens offline and can take days / weeks / months / years, you then have no way of truly crediting a traffic-method to closed deals.
    2. BETTER: Client logs into Swift Marketing, and for EVERY link to their website, they use the “Success Tracking Link Creator” at and it creates a link like this:
      2. Downside: Until today, a typical user would get to your website, read a few pages or watch a video (clearing the incoming tracking info from the URL), and register (you hope) – but if you close them months later, you would not know how they found you, unless you ask and hope they remember (and even then, you wouldn’t know which campaign or ad “won” them).
    3. BEST: Use our fabulous, free WordPress Plugin ( to install your forms, and it will do it all for you – storing the *complete* incoming URL via cookie, then reading that cookie at time of capture and passing it back to SwiftCloud / SwiftCRM / Swift Marketing – so you know which methods are yielding results. Expert tip: This even works though external checkout methods like Clickbank or Paypal i.e. if the visitor leaves your site, then returns after payment for setup, you’ll still see the complete data as long as they fill out some form (even a single field form).
      1. EU note: Be sure your terms and conditions notify the user of using cookies as is required by EU law.
  2. In progress / beta: “Avalanche Forms”: This gathers momentum, but appends data to existing records through multiple steps. Example: Capture only the email on step 1, then on page 2 / step 2, ask the visitor for more info. Other competing systems, unless using multiple lists and automation, can’t recognize an existing pre-captured user… but we can. This allows landing pages to mimic a bit more back-and-forth like a real world sales conversation.
  3. XML – RPC posting within Campaigns >> By Channel / Audience. Why is this cool? Because…
    1. Backlinks. Competing email systems allow social syndication, but the problem is the backlinks and SEO-value flows to them, not you. Automation and syndication is awesome for your valuable content, but not if it’s helping the email provider at the expense of your main “money-site”. We post to your website, retrieve the new URL, then social syndicate THAT URL, so the links (and SEO value) flow to your website – as it should.
    2. Naturally, this saves time: you can write a blog post, email your newsletter, post to Facebook / Twitter all at once, from one interface.
  4. Birthdays & Cultural Holidays automation. Wouldn’t you be the sales rock star if you send happy Hanukkah to just the jewish clients, Merry Christmas to just the western / christian clients, happy Diwali to the indian clients and happy EID to the muslim clients – totally automatically? You can. As long as you update your SwiftCloud Contacts Manager in the “calendar” tab, it’ll remember anniversaries, birthdays, appropriate cultural holidays and more for you and send whatever message you automate. Tip: Birthdays are on Facebook for most people.

We’ve been hard at work – this is just the last few weeks. We’ll post again as new features go live. The above is of course in existing to sequences / autoresponders. For CRM-based dealflow automation, see – all possible statuses (i.e. “Contract Sent”, “Selling Other Party”, “Left Voicemail” etc.) are automate-able.

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