[JULY 18, 2012 Update: New Plugin Added (Better! More Powerful!)]

There are several possible ways to add tables to your website. Here’s the most powerful, and if it doesn’t work well for you , move to the method below. It will work, but being more powerful, also allows more options, which may require some custom CSS.

Steps to add a table to WordPress / SwiftCMS:

  1. Enable the Plugin “WP-Table Reloaded”, by logging into your control panel (often http://YOURPHONE.SwiftWebDesigner.com/wp-admin or http://YOURSITENAME.SwiftCMS.com/wp-admin ), then going to “Plugins” on the sidebar. Hit Control-F to find “Table Reloaded”. Click “Activate”.
  2. Next, go to Tools >> WP-Table Reloaded (http://YOURSITECONTROLPANEL/wp-admin/tools.php?page=wp-table-reloaded).
  3. Next, you need to either upload a CSV OR create a new table.
    1. IF you have a CSV ready, click “import”, find the file, and you should get the idea. If you have data in Microsoft Excel or some other spreadsheet data, you’ll need to export CSV, in “file” – google for help if needed on this.
    2. If you’re not importing a spreadsheet, you can just “Add New Table” and start dropping data in.
  4. Next, you need to create a post or page for the table to live in, or add it to your existing page. Go to Pages >> Add New (for evergreen content) or Posts >> Add New (for timely information, and categorized info like help files, press data, etc.). Drop in a short code, such as [table id=1 /] on to the page. If the text looks bold, or doesn’t work for some reason, switch from “Visual” (upper right of text-editing-window) to “HTML” and paste it there, so there’s no other code around it i.e. just [table id=1 /] not <strong>[table id=1 /]</strong>
  5. Done! Hopefully…
  6. Since tables can get wide, you may want to change the page-template, which in pages is on the right – “Page Attributes” >> “Template” >> change to “One Column, no Sidebar(s)” if needed.

Hopefully that works, if not, here’s another older method that also works. It’s almost as good, except the headers aren’t “sortable”, but if you don’t need that or care, the results might be perfect for your needs.

This video will show you how to create or edit tables within your http://SwiftWebDesigner.com website.

By the way, those steps are in order:

  1. Open the CSV or excel Data
  2. Save As or Export as HTML
  3. Open the HTML in a browser, preferably Firefox or Chrome, as sometimes Internet Explorer has problems pasting data (it makes a mess of it).
  4. Switch to “View Source”
  5. Copy everything starting with <table> (including the “<” symbol all the way through </table> (including the “>” symbol).
  6. Create a new post or page within SwiftWebDesigner / WordPress
  7. Paste the source. If it doesn’t look right, be sure you have tinyMCE or a similar editor enabled in the plugins. It is automatically installed in all SwiftWebDesigner websites, however, it is not enabled by default (on purpose, to keep things simple).
  8. Switch to view mode, and you should see your data. Publish the page and you’re done.

Questions? Comment below and we will update this page.

This tool may also help – just copy the data from your CSV sheet, paste it here at Tableizer (http://tableizer.journalistopia.com/), then paste the resulting code into your post or page (in HTML mode).