Youtube Tips

Youtube TipsJan 11,2012

Youtube Tips These are notes for myself, but I’ll make ’em public so they can help you too, right? By the way, check out articles like this – stating, with reasonably reliable source verification – that Ray William Johnson is making over $80,000 a Month (!!!) off his YouTube channel – that’s $1,000,000+ a year Read More…

How to Add Video to WordPress

How to Add Video to WordPress + SwiftCMS This screencast covers how to add video from the simplest to more customizable / powerful methods, all of which are fairly simple. The methods are: Simple direct addition of a youtube link. Super simple. Not very customizable but fast and easy. Widgets (for sidebar, footer). Also very, Read More…

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration is automatically built into SwiftCMS / and just needs to be configured. Also included are reviews sites (i.e. Yelp, Google).