If you’re using QTranslate plugin (our default most-recommended wordpress translation system), writing your main content including page URLs etc. in multiple languages is very easy – just click the various language tabs and enter it for that language.

That said, a few places in wordpress, such as widget areas which might be on the header, footer, or sidebar may not offer automatic translation.

For that, you need get your hands dirty – but fear not, it’s easy. You just need to enter some “comment tags” that tell the system you want this content available in multiple languages.

Here’s what it looks like:

this one is english, then chinese…

translate wordpress menus


here’s another, in german, english, and portuguese respectively…



Here’s the text, and what it means. Notice the 2-letter codes for each language in the comment-area.

<!–:de–>Aktivtaten<!–:–> // this is of course the german title

<!–:en–>Activities<!–:–> // english here

<!–:pt–>Aktivtaten<!–:–> // pt = Portuguese.

Ok, got it. So how do I translate text in a widget? Or Widget Titles? Contact Forms? Just copy that text as you see, and change the 2-letter codes if needed to reflect your language, like this:

Use brackets, like this

Translate WordPress Widget Titles