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We Make Marketing Videos.

Whether you need a product explainer video, Search engine bait videos, TV commercials, youtube content, vlog editing, youtube optimization….whatever you need.

We also have pre-made videos for…

  • Real Estate
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Credit & Debt

Recent Custom Video Production Examples:

Note: We have literally hundreds of projects our team has worked on, and decades of combined experience, along with relationships with hollywood feature-film-experienced talent to produce anything you need. Here are just a few examples of our work:

Simple Industrial Project: Editing + Voiceover + Music + Stock Footage (no custom shoot)

Short & sweet simple photos-only editing + voiceover + copywriting to introduce a real estate agent

Screencast Example. We can convert powerpoint files, edit your screencasts for you, do on-screen training, etc.

Simple Interview format example. Simple, basic shoot with some performance coaching, minimal editing, natural light with bounce cards. Just the basics, done right:

Coming Soon: TV Commercial Examples.

Video Amplifies Results

Online videos are incredibly powerful, for the following reasons:

  • Increase Referrals. They make it easier for people to refer you. Videos uploaded to sites like youtube can be shared on facebook, videos on your website can be easily sent to friends, and online videos can even be shared via multiple media – text message, email, chat, facebook, etc. Educational videos are a great way for referral partners to pass your benefits along while helping them look good.
  • Internal Stakeholders Alignment. Frequently, a sale requires approval by more that one person, be it husband and wife, or employee who has recommendation power but not purchasing authority who must sell the idea to their boss, or business partners. Online video provides the message you want to give instead of risking them communicating and diluting your message. Remember the children’s “Telephone” game that results in a message getting mangled as it gets further from the source? Video protects the integrity of your communication.
  • Retention & Comprehension. Obviously engaging sight and sound is more effective than simply reading for many types of communication, but video can carry even more subtext and supertext via style, music, metaphors, and emotional hooks. Even the style of video reflects your brand identity.
  • 24/7 Sales Consistency. Because we can fine-tune video scripts and editing, a Swift Marketing video will be hands down your best sales person, who never has an off day, and with our blend of old school proven sales techniques, cutting-edge psychographic profiling, skilled copywriting training, you’ll have the best possible message delivered, every time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This frees up sales staff to spend more time gathering information and qualifying, and less time on education or talking at the client instead of with the client.
  • Humans Shoot the Messenger. Video can deliver news your clients and customers may not want to hear (i.e. in real estate, that a client’s home is overpriced) in a gentle and professional and education-based manner that if given by you will damage your relationship, simple because it’s true: it’s human nature to shoot the messenger.
  • Leverage Your Time. A 6 minute video might not sound like much, but imagine it’s watched 100 times a week. That’s 520 hours – over 21 DAYS of time you and your company gain, per year, just from that one video.

We offer three types of video services to increase your incoming leads, clients, and customers. They are

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