If you have a web-based business idea, we may be able to help.

The Swift Web Designer team has built massive custom systems from the ground up, and we can handle pretty much anything. Step one is communicating what you want to happen, along with a clear definition of the business model (subscription? advertising? “freemium”?), customer acquisition, and a clear definition of your audience.

Of note is that generally, the idea is a far distant 2nd place in importance to the execution. Google, Amazon.com, Ebay were not first to market, and at the time they came online, it wasn’t clear they’d win. The core idea is simple for each: online search, sell books (and now everything else) online, an online auction site.

It was the execution, HOW they did it that matters and made them #1.

One common concern with entrepreneurs is requiring a non-disclosure agreement, which, due to the fact we hear business ideas every single week, we cannot sign before taking a project. We have heard literally hundreds of business ideas, and no, we’re not going to tell you about them. At first, we need to know the basic overview, audience, and business model, and then we can tell how you how to get it built, and if we’re able to work together, of course we can agree in writing over confidentiality matters.

The methods we use are a combination of “agile” and “waterfall” methodologies, which very loosely work like this:

With an “agile” methodology, the goal is move fast, build the “heart of the app” very quickly, and then start adding components. The upside to this is you can quickly gain some traction with users, and solve a real-world problem quickly and then re-invest the proceeds as you grow. For dot-com projects without substantial outside funding, this is often the best way to proceed, if the project allows and is reducible, not so heavily dependent on branding, and not concept-driven. This is also effective if you already have a community of users in place or a way to quickly reach critical mass.

With a “Waterfall” methodology, we do extensive planning first before a single line of code is written. This is best for projects that require a lot of moving parts dependent on each other, or for projects with outside funding looking to make a big splash all at once in the market, vs. grow gradually and reinvest profits. The downside to this is a few factors. First, General Norman Schwartzkopf once said “no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy”. While obviously your customers / users / clients aren’t your enemy, it is virtually guaranteed that things will flow slightly different than expected. Second, “waterfall” projects typically release large projects all at once, and so you may work for months before there’s anything to see, depending on the complexity of the project.

Also worth note is whenever possible, we use off-the-shelf code as a jumping off place.

In truth, almost everything needed has been built, albeit in a very basic fashion, and so standing on the shoulders of the code that is done can be a way to leapfrog the market. Whether this is right for you depends on your project, the code available, and your future plans.

Whether you need a custom wordpress plugin to a full-on ground-up development, we can help you move your project forward. Our initial consultation is free, and on this first call, we’ll give you some ideas on how to proceed. In some cases, we consult on using overseas programmers and help you choose, manage, and get your code back (and beware…. this can work well, but there are lot of traps, and many projects are not successful – we have extensive experience at minimizing risk here, and for rookies, you definitely “don’t know what you don’t know”), in other cases we’ll give you an estimate for our in-house team to develop it, and in other cases, we’ll recommend some off-the-shelf software (perhaps with custom modifications).

It all starts with a call. Why not call now? We can help.