Many of the users might be unknown of the name “landing page”. It is the most important page one can ever think. It is more appropriate to say as the base of any site. Website landing page is the face of web. It is the page that appears after the visitor clicks on the link. It could be the home page of the site as well as any other page.

Some salient features of a landing page

1.   Maximum information

The landing page should display the important characteristic of the website. It should tell what the website is all about and show the various links to get the access to other pages of the web.

2.  Products

The products could be placed on the landing page but not in a haphazard manner. This makes easier for the customer to view the products offered by the company.

3.  Prices

Website landing page must show the sales pitch for the customers of various items available. It should be made after proper research of the target audience. Keep in mind the perfect match of the prices and the product for the company. It helps in engaging the visitors to the website.

4.  Precise information

It is good that the landing page should provide maximum information to the clients but in a precise way. It should not distract the visitor by giving extra and detailed information on the same page.

Most of the websites use the landing page for registration and sign ups etc. It depends on the company requirements for which they want to make website landing page.

Earns profit

If a company wants to earn more profit, it should make a separate landing page which provides the information about the web and for further functions provide links. It can be different and separate from the home page. There are a number of businesses affiliated with affiliate marketing program. These programmes work for pay per click basis. You only have to sign up the program and submit the advertisement. As soon as the customer visits the web program and sees the ad relating to the product he wants, he clicks the link and the landing page of your website opens. It enhances your business to different parts of the world and people get to know about your product through the add

Website landing page should be different from home page because the home page contains many of the related links of the website but landing page should not contain all of them together.

There are some landing pages that are well written. Such pages can grab the attention of the visitors who have a bird eye view. If the attention is grabbed then the landing page will make profit otherwise it is a loss for the website. The advert must contain some information of the product which should be catchy and as soon as the customer clicks to website landing page it should display the same information in much creative way.