CRM by SwiftCloud

CRM stands for Client Relationship Management.

That said, if you’re wondering “what is CRM” you may also be considering a few other needs, such as:

  • Leads Distribution & Management
  • Marketing Tracking Software for direct response marketing
  • Transaction Management and Fulfillment handling
  • Invoicing, proposal creation, and timeclock software

The good news is “What is CRM” includes all those features – if you’re using SwiftCRM.

In the most basic sense, “what is CRM” is a question asked by professionals wondering if there’s a better way to run their business. Invariably, the answer is yes. Whether you’re still using old-school paper notecards, 90’s-era contact management systems like Outlook or ACT, or something else, a dedicated hosted CRM like SwiftCRM will easily allow you to earn more money with less work.

There are a host of reasons why web-based software is better than old installed-software systems – be sure to see our top 10 reasons why hosted CRM is better.

“What is CRM” is for some people not quite as useful a question as “Can CRM Help Me?”

If you are either a sales professional or business owner (regardless of how big or small that business is), and you want to automate your followup, mine more money from the leads you have, get more leads, earn more referrals, build and manage a team, and in almost any other way earn more money for less work, then “what is CRM” should quickly be answered with “which CRM is right for me?”.

We believe it’s SwiftCRM, and not just because we’re biased. We study competing programs intensely. Most of our clients have come from using other CRM programs – and stayed, so we’re doing something right.

Since we have a 100-day Profit Guarantee, you really have 100 days to be sure SwiftCRM is not just right for you, but that it will make you money. We’ll take the risk, how about you take action now? Sign up for SwiftCRM, and see what it can do for your business. If you don’t like it for any reason within 100 days, including not earning more money for less work because of it, we’ll refund your money and part friends. We communicate with our clients, and know we make great software.

Get started now!

Last, for our own staff, we have our own meaning of “What is CRM”… we’re re-defining what it is, so with that in mind, CRM is SwiftCRM. Try and now, and we’re confident you’ll agree.