So you have a snazzy new video, what’s next?

Show the world! As always, marketing (read: getting more clients & customers) is simply:

Irresistible offer that brings you profit
Delivery of that message to the right humans

The video, to be precise, is the message, the offer – how you can make their life better. Putting the video out there for the world is part of getting it to the right humans.

So, here’s the checklist:

  1. Add it to your email signature. Do it now – it’s fast and easy. How: Outlook 1,  Outlook, Gmail / Google Apps, Yahoo.
  2. Add it to your YouTube channel. In most cases, we’ve done this for you already. HOW: Login to YouTube (free account), click upload top right. Give it an SEO-friendly name. See for more details.
  3. Embed it to your main website, in a “video learning center”, or the home page, or the sidebar, or the footer, or even the “contact us” or “about us” or “services” page. HOW: See VtubeTools +
  4. Add it to landing pages. How: If you’re running any paid ads, you should definitely be using a landing / squeeze page; contact us to add one to your website. We’ll handle it for you, or see above (#3) to embed into your existing landing page if you prefer.
  5. Upload it to facebook (same as uploading a photo).
  6. Broadcast to Twitter (just tweet the YouTube URL)
  7. Add it to your email newsletter blast (just include the YouTube URL), see if you need to set up a mass email list
  8. Add it to your email autoresponders series. Again, see if you need an autoresponder.
  9. Add it into a press release then syndicate it
  10. SEO the video itself for a competitive keyword
  11. Use the video in a social media contest on facebook – i.e. each “share” is a contest-entry, or each “like” a contest-entry
  12. Burn to DVD and play it at a street fair or local event
  13. Burn to DVD and use it in a “lunch and learn” or breakfast event
  14. Save it to your phone or just pre-cache it to your phone then play it for a networking group meeting i.e. BNI. HOW: Best is to simply have a file you can easily copy and paste from on your phone, so if you meet someone, you can quickly text them the YouTube URL and/or email it to them.
  15. Embed it into the websites of your referral partners
  16. Have referral partners email it out in their newsletters
  17. Burn to DVD for your local library to lend out
  18. Syndicate the video to other online video places through systems like Traffic Geyser or Tube Mogul (or just hire someone else to do it for less hassle and much cheaper). Note: 80% of your results will come from youtube. Over time, this is less important.
  19. Add to Craigslist. HOW: Take a screenshot of it and turn it into an icon, then embed that into Craigslist postings, because Craigslist won’t allow video embeds.
  20. Add it to Ebay Classifieds postings

Any other tips? Let us know! We want this list to be comprehensive.