Why isn’t this expensive like usual?

Robotics & Better Technology. We don’t just use the stock wordpress, we have layered the world’s most powerful wordpress customizations on top of it, allowing you to get a class-A site that others sell for many thousands (even tens of thousands) for a much lower price, much faster than usual.

This is basically a cloud-based CMS (Content Management System). SwiftCMS allows you every possible website design without ever having to use FTP, along with high-end features like ajax searchable knowledgebase functions, a press & PR system, social media integration, pre-built search engine optimization systems, instant landing page generation, instant custom contact pages with google maps and directions to you, multiple page types like a true CMS system, all with the power and established user base and wide support of a wordpress system.

Don’t worry – you just need to know how to “drive the car”, not “build the car” – we’ll do it for you, then provide easy video training on how to drive.