Will I be in Google?


You’ll also be listed in Microsoft’s Bing, which means you’ll get listed in Yahoo’s search, not the directory, however, Yahoo’s human-edited directory now gets so little traffic it’s irrelevant and not worth the cost.

So in short, yes, your new website will be listed in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

For those technically inclined enough to know what this means, our system has built-in RSS syndication for each new website as it gets launched; we’re also in process on an innovative cross-linking system that pairs non-competing but related businesses. For example, if you have an auto mechanic website in Los Angeles, then links to another auto mechanic in New York City won’t hurt your business (it’ll help, slightly), and links from an auto mechanic in Dallas, Texas helps your ranking. We also have extensive other systems, some public, some secret, that help your website’s position and indexing.