Will this make me money?

Having a website is the first step in a series of steps that can make you money. By itself, legally, we cannot say it will, because we don’t know what you’re selling, who’s getting to your website, etc.

That said, marketing online is a simple hub-and-spoke model. Your website is the hub, and spokes are how people get there. Your new website allows you to easily add “buy now” links, “subscribe” links for membership or recurring products, to capture leads you’ll sell (“convert” from lead into client) offline, even simply support your offline business like a brochure. Technically, if you run a restaurant, and someone looks up the vegetarian options, then looks up directions to you on your contact page, that has made you money once they do come and eat.

For many, the website is the first impression people have of your business, it’s an easy way to get referred, to pre-educate customers and clients, and can make you money in many different ways depending how you use it.