Wordpress e-Signature Software

5 Minute Setup of WordPress Electronic Signature

  1. First, install the plugin. The easiest and fastest – no FTP required – is login to your WordPress control panel >> Plugins >> Add New (usually at http://YOURSITEHERE.com/wp-admin/plugin-install.php ), search for “Swift Signature” and click “Install Now” and then the blue “Activate”
  2. Next, when you installed the plugin, we automatically created a page for you called eSign. You can delete this page or setup as many pages as you like, but this will get you started quickly.
  3. Next, you’ll need to create a Swift  Signature account here. Once you’ve signed up and are logged in, click http://swiftcloud.io/form/create-form and create a form. Give it a name – Test Form is fine for now, you can rename it anytime – and hit save. Note the number that’s generated in the URL or if you click “Install”:
  4. Before you leave the form, on the right side “after capture” section, drop in a URL for your signors to be dropped onto – typically a page just called “thanks”. Swift Signature will redirect the user back to that page after the signor slicks Sign & Send. For now, just enter http://YOURWEBSITEHERE.com/thanks and then later, create a page with thanks as the slug / URL.
  5. Next, you need to take that number and drop it into your form – take note of that number and drop it into the form.