Document Templates

Templates provide a handy jumping-off point for all sorts of assets – docs, invoices, projects, and more.

Note there are 3 categories of templates:

  • Global. As a service to users, we have a docs library and other industry documents we continue to grow with time. All SwiftCloud users can see and use these, and they cannot be modified by you.
  • Company. These can only be used by people connected to a company and with permissions to do so. Who can edit these templates is defined in by company admin settings, but is generally someone within the company, of course.
  • Personal. Nobody else can see these or use these except you. You can freely edit these templates anytime.

When you choose a template, we create a new clone for you.

To clone a template from the docs system, just click the blue button on the right (green arrow).

Doc Template Clone

Notice in the image above (red arrow) you have the eye reminding you that only you can see these templates, and you also have the option to edit the template or delete it (trashcan). You cannot delete or edit global templates, or company templates unless your company admin has given you permissions.

In the image below, the first 3 rows are personal templates. They always show first in a list, then company templates, then global templates.

Document templates

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