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Don’t just replace paper. Get Paper 2.0 – smarter docs that interact & automate.

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Manage Docs, Files, Contacts, Forms & More from Any device

SwiftCloud is powerful system built to solve real world problems. Just need a simple waiver signed? Easy, but why not automate marketing flow, customer feedback reviews, and add adaptive logic so that your documents can work as your assistant, instead of creating more work for your team? Working in the field from your phone? Laptop at the cabin? Desktop at work? We’ve got you covered - and since it’s in the cloud, everyone has the newest version and is on the same page.

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Clone Powerful Sales Proposals that Close in Minutes

You can use SwiftCloud for dozens of work tasks - like staffing companies that use it to automate 50+ pages for medical staffing, or martial arts schools who use it to get waivers signed, but why not use it to grow your revenue? Easily clone beautiful, branded, customizable sales estimates, proposals, receipts in minutes. Send them right through SwiftCloud using templated messages, track views and get them e-Signed with payment, then trigger a workroom to track fulfillment.

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Plays nice with others - connect your existing software.

Just want to solve a single problem? Awesome - most of our clients start there, seeking to solve one specific problem. SwiftCloud can connect to other systems to export data, post to APIs (a “glue” to connect programs together), or receive data from other programs. Or just talk to us, let us know what you’re trying to do, and we may have a complete solution for you leveraging multiple programs within SwiftCloud’s platform.

What can SwiftCloud help you do?

Close More Revenue with Sales Proposals, Estimates, Quotes with e-Sign Contracts

Boost Marketing with Interactive Smart Docs, Adaptive Forms, Polls, Chatbots

Streamline HR with smarter job applications, onboarding & employee performance

Protect your online reputation & increase referrals with automated feedback & reviews

Pricing – Start for $1

All accounts start for just $1 for 14 days. As we launch more products and add features, we try to align value to pricing as best we can. A typical small business might invest just $97 / year, while a high-use waterpark needing 1,000 signatures per day will be higher. You can design a package here and play with the pricing calculator to get a sense of what your investment might be.

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Guaranteed Value > Investment

Everything we do should be well above 100% ROI - in fact, we'll guarantee all service for 60 days with an unconditional money-back guarantee.

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Is electronic signature legally binding?

Yes! Electronic Signatures are 100% legally binding in nearly every jurisdiction around the globe, including the U.S. and E.U.

Furthermore, electronic signatures are actually MORE difficult to forge than a traditional ink signature, because of the digital “fingerprinting” left at time of signature.

For all paying accounts, expert witnesses are available for court appearance or deposition in the highly unlikely event enforcement assistance is needed.

Each e-Signature done on the Swift Signature platform also carries an audit trail, and optional SwiftCloud-account security requirements.

For some exciting reading, we encourage you to review specific laws for your area, such as…

United States: ESIGN Act of 2000, UETA (Uniform Electronic Transactions) Act European Union: Electronic Signatures Directive of 1999 & 1993 Various other countries

UPDATED: Country-specifics list started:


Practically speaking, enforcement for most civil contracts requires a subscriber’s willingness to sue and take the matter to court. For our part, we are frankly looking forward to making a few examples of anyone attacking the status and legal authenticity of the signatures, and have a lot to gain (both publicity as well as direct financial damages) by proving this matter.

To aid in enforcement, we have available both expert witnesses and attorneys, and in addition ......More...

e-Signature with Payment - can I?

Electronic Signature & Payment is easy.

In short you have two options:

Get Money then e-Signature or Get e-Signature then Money

Either are fine, and which is right for you depends on the nature of your sale. If you have a smaller amount (and thus more frequent), we recommend collecting money first, then getting signature.

If you have a higher dollar amount, the value of the contract is increased but the contract is usually not in force until consideration (aka payment) is made and thus for more complex contracts you probably want the contract signed first.

Either is fine, and there’s no real wrong answer – in the end the result is the same – you need both.

To setup e-signature then payment via paypal, create your form as usual (at ) and on the right side you’ll see some options under “User Flow” like this:

There you can choose an e-commerce product or service to auto-redirect the user after signature for payment. In this example, the user will flow from (1.) Your website, to >>  (2.) the signature page, then >> (3.) payment page, then (4.) back to your site for typically a receipt and thanks message confirming what ......More...

Online Waivers
Activity Waivers with Photos
Liability Waiver PDF Form
Liability Waiver Form
Sample Waiver Form
Free Business Forms
Sales Proposal Template
Consulting Services Agreement
Private Loan Agreement
Website Development Agreement
Rental / Lease Agreement
Human Resources Forms
Nondisclosure Agreement ("NDA")
Employee Termination Letter
Employment Application Form
Letter of Resignation
Independent Contractor Agreement
Tax Forms for U.S.A.
1099 - MISC
I-9 Employment Eligibility
1040 EZ

Electronic Signature is also known as…

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