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SwiftCloud is a platform for small & medium businesses to manage & automate the flow of documents & information.


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Just a few of the SwiftCloud Applications…

Docs & Files Cloud

Easy Online Files & Docs for anything - Docs, Spreadsheets, PDFs, Audio, Video & More. Let anyone upload files to your /incoming drive which auto-creates a collaboration workroom. Specify permissions, add in forms and e-signature, even replace with newer versions & track history with time-date stamped version tracking. Access then customize from our growing docs library, setup internal and/or external-facing docs for policies & centralize your knowledgebase.

Electronic Signature

Get sales contracts signed instantly on the phone, waivers & liability forms signed anytime by anyone, even setup automation flows (i.e. worker then employer, seller then buyer), group docs into an Envelope session. Responsive phone-ready online docs, or format-specific PDFs. Easy to integrate, go paperless, save time, increase sales speed, and reduce data entry. Convert your documents to online forms, add signatures to websites, and more to save money, time and build efficiency. Learn more at /electronic-signature

Forms & Polling

Forms & If-then Logic for lead capture & sales lead generation, polling & profiling of contacts, helpdesk, advanced data gathering with conditional branching logic, chat bot style gathering, popups, pop-unders, exit-pops, and even more. Connect our Wordpress Plugins to Sort & prioritize job applicants, score leads, track marketing channels and ROI, dynamically on-the-fly brand to JV affiliates, run "data upsells" to progressively profile customers... then export data, connect to 3rd party APIs & setup automation.

Reviews & Reputation Management

Take control over your online reputation with our suite of tools to turn happy customers into raving fans & more customers. Auto-publish good reviews & turn success stories into marketing assets, syndicated for SEO & helping to firewall your reputation. Unhappy reviews open a helpdesk trouble ticket, buying some time to optionally take action to mitigate. Graph reviews by worker, location, product & more.

Invoicing & Membership Software

Easily create great looking invoices, quotes, receipts & more, branded with your logo & colors, formatted for phone, tablet, & desktop with various payment options for one-time, payments, partial, recurring subscriptions & more. See a client's history, add manual or offline adjustments, or break up projects into milestones. Setup automation reminders, save invoice templates, add auto-late fees to keep clients paying promptly & track receipt and viewing history.

Radar Monitoring Suite

Coming Soon, contact us for beta access. Monitor signals you care about, mine them, then add automation triggers to act on them. Setup a stock trade based on twitter sentiment analysis. Follow & engage with industry influencers for PR based on keywords. Get notified when a key employee updates their online resume, or competitor updates their website. Generate sales leads based on job promotions. Trade cryptocurrency based on AI-recognized market patterns.

What can SwiftCloud do for you? Let us know the #1 barrier to your company growth and let’s chat – over 50% of our work is custom & semi-custom projects for quiet little companies secretly making big gains.

Like what? Glad you asked – about about helping the DEA (U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency) track methedone via a fully custom pharmaceutical search engine? Another company feeding their 12-person sales floor over 60 leads a day average using our “progressive slippery slide” lead capture systems – or another company with hundreds of sales reps for whom we built a dynamically co-branded website that shows that sales rep’s logo & contact info on-the-fly – or our 12+ custom WordPress plugins… fully custom CRM Software… marketing scrapers to pull millions of records, then “spiders” to append other data to the first source to form a complete record. You dream it, and we can make it happen. Most of our work is not public – we’re the secret weapon, with guaranteed results.

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