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We’d love to hear from you.

Please note certain products require a Service Level Agreement and/or paid support contract for phone and/or in person and/or webinar help. You may wish to review our extensive self-help system on which over 92% of support requests have already been answered, frequently with screencast videos at https://SwiftCRM.com/support

SALES & Demo Requests:

Support {at} SwiftCRM.com

SUPPORT & New Client Setup:

Email: Support {at} SwiftCRM.com (Email is ideal to start with, we’ll call if needed).

Phone: 650-416-6219. Note please do leave a message, we rarely catch things first call – but are very good about getting back to you. Your phone call will automatically create a ticket for us.

Accounting & Billing:

Email: Accounting {at} SwiftCRM.com  or ‪(415) 295-5424

Fax: If you’re still using fax, then you desperately need us!

Our general contact hours of operation are generally 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time. For mission-critical & uptime issues we have 24/7/365 response – so open a ticket anytime if needed.

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