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e-Sign Waiver System for Liability Waivers, Release Forms, Digital Permission Slips

Contacts, Forms & e-Sign, Invoice & Payments, SMS & Email Marketing, Social Online Workrooms & More

NEW in SwiftWaiver: Calendar / Arrivals + Kiosk Mode

We Make Work Disappear.

Electronic Waiver Software, done right.

Want Sign & Pay? Sign, Schedule & Pay? Sign only? Need certain fields? Kids & parent photos? Multiple languages? We’ve got you.

We’ve solved problems you may not have even thought of yet, such as incident reports, offline waivers, not-present parent-child setups, if-then branching logic, payment flows, groups, and more.

Lookup participants anytime by name, phone, email. Notify anyone, pipe data into your favorite apps.  Had an incident? Upload photos of a video of the participant declining medical attention? We can do it.

For activity providers, we aim to be your technology partner, so you can focus on your business.



Online Waiver Software, Plus a Complete Activity Provider Suite


Search contacts, groups, tags, custom roles...


Get compelling offers to your audience to guide sales.


Calendar & self scheduler + optional payment & eSign

Cloud Drive

eDocs, Attachments, Uploads - all made social & shareable.


Billing, invoicing, accounting + online payments portal.


Simple to-dos or complex projects with social & hierarchy.

We get excited by "boring" business software to help make everyday tasks easier.

The Best Electronic Waiver for Activity Services Providers

Digital Waiver Software

We specialize in service based small businesses. SwiftCloud can help you get documents signed, go paperless even with complex forms or PDFs, get paid and collect money, schedule appointments, and automate your small business. Key systems include the best electronic signature & eDocs, social network CRM, Invoicing, Scheduling on a single integrated platform.

Electronic Waiver Software

Your Smart Waiver Solution + More

Imagine you had an army of tech nerds to help you run your business more effectively – what would you do? We want to join your team to automate paperwork, streamline and accelerate sales, increase referrals and social reviews to grow your brand’s reputation. Manage contacts and communication, leverage templates, schedule with clients, handle paperwork and payments easily. Need something else? Talk to us – most of our software started with a conversation just like that.

Clever Waiver Design = Better Client Experience

Your liability waiver is the beginning of your customer experience. Does it reflect well on your brand?

Do your participants sign in advance during booking? In-person during arrival? With a membership? A mix of these?

Let’s do even better – let’s pipe your online waiver software into marketing, add upsells, refer a friend & more.

Digital Waiver Software

Waiver Management Software with Participant Lookup

Quickly look up people to see if they’ve signed. Add if-then logic for allergies, or kids vs. parents. Embed photos and additional legal protection to remind staff who is who. Take advantage of a smooth customer experience and put your business on auto-pilot. Let SwiftCloud’s Online Waiver Software trigger follow-surveys, export to marketing lists, and email from within the app.

Waiver Software Features


Connect to other software, social media, and SwiftCloud's suite of tools to run faster, better, easier.

Branded To You

Make SwiftCloud your own. Your logo, your colors, your domain. Connect your website, phone, email & social.

Works Anywhere

Your Online Waiver Software Works 24/7/365 securely on phone, web, tablet, kiosk, sign-pad. Even works offline.

Paperless e-Docs

SwiftCloud’s e-Docs with E-Sign can do everything paper could do and much more. If-then logic Smart Docs, upload & embed files, datepickers, data validation and more make it the ultimate paperless software.

Contacts & CRM

Search contacts anytime with a single system of truth. Tag people or companies, create and mass email groups. Store private notes, add custom fields, charge a client's card on file. Email and soon SMS right within the app for unified history.

e-Sign & e-Waivers

Streamline docs and turn a hassle into a profit center. Get instant e-Sign on sales contracts, smarter e-Waivers to protect your business all seamlessly integrated with follow-up automation, scheduling and payments.

Powerful Forms Generator

Drag & drop editing of complex forms for sales lead capture, intake forms, replacing clipboards or creating kiosks. Connect WordPress contact forms, helpdesk ticket systems, lead capture, popups. Add if-then logic to reduce errors & speed client process.

Get Paid With SwiftShop

Generate an Invoice, Estimate, Quote, Proposal, Credit Memo, Receipt in minutes. Create a simple online store, charge a client's card on file, embed invoices into eDocs for rental software, setup recurring billing software for memberships, add a client portal for card updates & more.

Cloud Drive & Collaboration

Upload anything, share to anyone. Track revision history. Convert common files to edit online. Generate PDFs on the fly. Collaborate, store notes. Access files 24/7 securely, control permissions and get more done, faster.

Marketing Automation

NEW Group Email, soon SMS. Setup Drip Sequences or Appointment Confirmations, “Bloodhound” Ad Tracking, Automate your reputation with Customer Reviews & Refer-a-Friend + viral social media URLs. Mini Websites, Landing Pages, Video Email & more.

Calendar & Scheduler

Add an e-Secretary to schedule sales appointments, or automate scheduling of any asset. Setup ticketed events like classes or rentals. Increase sales with a better call to action. Automate reminders before events, and auto-follow up after any event.

It's All About YOU.

We’re growing fast but still small enough you’ll get a real human on the phone. For service providers, we aim to be the absolute best and keep helping your business succeed. Try us! Let's see how quickly we can solve whatever brought you here today.

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Simple docs are usually setup in minutes by clients themselves with a bit of copy and paste. For complex docs, contact us for free help. 

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Common Questions about our Waiver Software


We’ll do basic setup for free to get you going, and complex setup is available from our Professional Services division.

If it’s simple, we’ll set it up risk-free as a demo for you. If it’s complex, we may set up just a small portion to give you a personalized demo, along with some other relevant case studies / existing other projects.

Bottom line: We focus on outcomes – let’s talk about whatever you need to make happen.

Yes! In almost all cases we have APIs (software to connect other software).

We have APIs inbound and outbound, import and export options, and are compatible with “Software Bridge Systems” like Zapier and a dozen others, at least one of which is open source.

We also “play nice” with WordPress, and have over a dozen plugins we’ve written, having worked on over 200 wordpress sites ourselves.

Yes – discuss with us, but this not uncommon for youth sports, ski and snow, etc.. Most clients simply choose an annual plan.

The system will keep working, it’ll just get more expensive since you’ll move to metered. Since you can upgrade or downgrade anytime, the best option is just pick whatever you think will work and go from there, and we’ll tune as you go.

We like to help. It’s fun to hear about real-world use for programmers!

Creating an e-Waiver is easy with the right software – it’s mostly copy and paste.

To replace the ____ underline portion from a paper doc, SwiftCloud uses a field-editor system to place a [Signature] box within your doc. 

The older 2.0 system used shortcodes, so adding something like [swift_email] would create an email-input field, and [swift_signature] would create a signature box. This allows for phone-signable responsive eDocs.

Start now, and when logged in, there’s a document converter system that will help.

We have hundreds of templates, so in most cases, you may want to grab one of those as a starting place.

That said, legally speaking, waivers should include (1.) acknowledgement of certain rights, and (2.) confirmation of giving up those rights, in order to participate in an activity.

Note SwiftCloud does not provide legal advice. We’ve seen a lot of waivers, but are not attorneys, and recommend you seek counsel if you have concerns about your waiver.

Think of us as 70% software company, 30% agency, and 100% focused on real-world-results.

The truth is some projects are too complex for clients to setup on their own, so we’ll dive in and get it configured correctly. Furthermore, we often get requests from clients for something that is almost but not quite a fit for what we’re already doing, so we may be able to create semi-custom software for you, or a unique configuration.

We’re growing nicely, but rather than try to get big, we’re first focused on great real-world results – so you’ll actually get a real human on the phone if needed.

Technically: SwiftCloud is a social network with various products layered on top of it and integrated into it, most notably our eDocs / eSign systems, but we actually started in CRM.

It depends. That’s not a cop-out, it’s that we don’t know what you need, but the best is to play with our pricing page and design a package to suit your needs.

For some industries – say, apartment leasing, it may be free to you, provided you run tenant background checks through us.

For some products, like our new invoicing / billing systems specifically designed for service professionals, it may be free to use, subject to a % of receivables – allowing you to get started quickly and easily, and the software scales as your business grows.

For e-Sign, some docs are super simple – say a petition or waiver, but clients may need a lot of them – say, 1,000,000. Real estate clients might only need 2 contracts signed per month, but that contract is 47 pages with multiple parties and complex logic with multiple sellers and multiple buyers.

Moving forward, we’re moving to “micro-transaction” based metered billing, so any client can jump in, and if you use it a lot you’ll pay more, and small businesses with simple needs will pay very little or even get certain parts for free.

3.0 will be based on “Metered Pricing” – heavy complex users will pay more than simple low-use accounts.

2.0 leverages set subscriptions, but we can adjust these anytime. Unlike some competitors, we don’t lock people in or strong-arm contracts.

We can do things paper never could, and paper has a host of issues, such as participants crossing out a section they dislike, which could get missed by staff, or claiming they didn’t have time to read it in advance (posting on your website can help disavow this).

SwiftCloud’s Electronic Waiver software allows signature on phone, tablet, kiosk, website. Things like address autofill, email validation, phone SMS piping, variable authentication, media embed were never possible with paper.

Yes! Nearly every country, including the USA, EU, UK and more have electronic signature laws.

Note the portion you see is just for humans. There’s also a Digital Signature, which is not the same thing. An Electronic Waiver is just an e-Waiver with a corresponding digital signature.

They are not only legally binding, they are actually better than paper. Sections cannot be crossed out, signers are searchable, data can be validated and more.

Online electronic waiver software helps businesses get legally binding waivers signed via phone, tablet, kiosk, or website. Waivers are typically searchable, and can contain media (photo, video), if-then logic, data questions and stored securely online.

Quick-Start: 7 Day Free Trial, Cancel Anytime.

Upgrade or Downgrade Anytime – No Contracts or Lock-in.

SAVE with Annual Plans!

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