Affiliate Tracking Software

Affiliate Tracking

TIP: You can append “partner=XXXX” to any URL on SwiftCloud, and we’ll track you as the affiliate partner. We have a Partner’s Program, for agencies, value-adding partners, media & influencers, etc. This same system works for your account too. The…

Static Wordpress Forms

Static WordPress Forms

The TL;DR: SwiftCloud has awesome Static WordPress Forms handling. Any website can feed Static WordPress Forms into SwiftCRM. We use the great Simply Static on many sites, including this one. It adds security & speed, by changing to a “headless”…


SwiftCloud 3.0: Update Your URLs

If you’re seeing this page, your URLs need to be updated to SwiftCloud 3.0.   All urls should start with “”, or your mapped domain, not “ We are on the following timeline: No New Docs on 2.0: SwiftCloud 2.0…

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Aug 2022 Update: SwiftCloud 3.0 + Legacy Mode 2.0

We’ve been quiet because we’re hard at work on…. SwiftCloud 3.0 It’s early yet, so we can’t say much about it, but rest assured we’re plenty committed to automation for small businesses. Note SwiftCloud 2.0 is already in “Legacy Mode”,…

SwiftCloud Email Marketing

Inbound Email

SwiftCloud contains a comprehensive messaging suite, including email tools. This article is focused on specifically setup of your inbound email. Here’s what you need to know: Step 1 of 2: Enable “IMAP” on your email service. Click to learn more….

Change Password

Change Password

Changing your password is easy, once you know where to look. Step 1: Get logged in. TIP: Need to reset your password? Click to trigger a reset. A password reset link will be set to your email, if the…

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Swift CRM – Year End Update 2021 – ACH, SMS & More

We’ve been focused on CRM systems lately, and making exciting progress toward integrating everything into an all-in-one system for service based businesses. Build 2.60 current release includes…. ACH Payments – You can get paid via ACH e-Check, which is best…

Email Sequence

Marketing Content

Unsure what marketing sequences to make? Here’s a great starting place – ideally, each of these should be a sequence of 4-7 (or more!) messages: Welcome Email – new people joining your newsletter, aka the Indoctrination Sequence CEO Welcome. If…

SwiftCloud Email Marketing

Bulk Email

Bulk Email broadcasting in SwiftCloud / SwiftCRM is easy, once you know where to look. First, here’s the easy short summary: Import a CSV list of people / companies you want to contact Write the message you want to go…

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Build 2.5 – All-in-one Software Foundation

Version 2.5 of SwiftCloud is a massive set of changes as we evolve to provide a single all-in-one suite, along with working toward becoming the single most powerful e-Docs system available anywhere, at any price. Major Components All-in-One: several large…