SwiftCloud 3.0: Update Your URLs

If you’re seeing this page, your URLs need to be updated to SwiftCloud 3.0.   All urls should start with “”, or your mapped domain, not “ We are on the following timeline: No New Docs on 2.0: SwiftCloud 2.0…

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Aug 2022 Update: SwiftCloud 3.0 + Legacy Mode 2.0

We’ve been quiet because we’re hard at work on…. SwiftCloud 3.0 It’s early yet, so we can’t say much about it, but rest assured we’re plenty committed to automation for small businesses. Note SwiftCloud 2.0 is already in “Legacy Mode”,…

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Swift CRM – Year End Update 2021 – ACH, SMS & More

We’ve been focused on CRM systems lately, and making exciting progress toward integrating everything into an all-in-one system for service based businesses. Build 2.60 current release includes…. ACH Payments – You can get paid via ACH e-Check, which is best…

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Build 2.5 – All-in-one Software Foundation

Version 2.5 of SwiftCloud is a massive set of changes as we evolve to provide a single all-in-one suite, along with working toward becoming the single most powerful e-Docs system available anywhere, at any price. Major Components All-in-One: several large…

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2.42 Updates – Getting Paid: Sign & Pay, SwiftShop, Invoices

Version 2.42 of SwiftCloud sees dozens of small improvements, and addition of payment options tightly integrated into SwiftCloud. Major Components Getting Paid: 8 ways of collecting money through SwiftCloud.AI. Currently we’re using Stripe, but will soon be adding ACH e-Check…

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2.4 Updates – Drip Marketing, Doc Types, Contact Improvements & More

Version 2.4 of SwiftCloud sees hundreds of small improvements, and the beginning of some important and powerful new systems. Major Components Custom Contact Fields. This elevates our Contact Manager to a full CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) for most small businesses….

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2.39 Updates – Sessions & Multi-Party e-Sign, Bulk e-Sign & More

Version 2.39 of SwiftCloud introduces the following systems: Major Components Sessions – this allows you to start a sales application over the phone then turn it over to the client to e-sign (instantly, via URL even). This is a critical…

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2.38 Updates – Invoices & Estimates, Portal Software, Video Marketing & More

Version 2.38 of SwiftCloud introduces the following systems Major Components Invoices / Estimates / Quotes / Receipts is now in Phase 1: “Just the Basics”. We’ll make this better over time – for now, it’s great for project estimates and…

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2.37 Updates – High Speed Mode + Version Control

2.37 – Core Systems Solid + PDF e-Signature is done. This is the last big release before version 2.4, though we’ll have a few small updates on the way. Introducing High Speed Electronic Signatures This was originally designed for a…

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2.36 Updates – PDFs

Changes for version 2.36 have been generally more small changes related to “Project Bulletproof” in which we can handle 10k/signatures/hour over multiple servers. We have also added e-sign PDFs, though so far only the basics are done. As always, we’ve…