Build 2.5 – All-in-one Software Foundation

Version 2.5 of SwiftCloud is a massive set of changes as we evolve to provide a single all-in-one suite, along with working toward becoming the single most powerful e-Docs system available anywhere, at any price.

Major Components

  1. All-in-One: several large systems were rolled out as public beta: Accounting (simple version – mainly to show shared accounting with a single client) [Note: We also added accounting APIs for connecting to more advanced accounting systems in common use]
  2. Agreements & Recurring Billing / Memberships: The same system we use to bill clients is now a product – so you can sell one-time, recurring billing products, even bill against retainer, setup hourly agreements and more. We needed a few things, so it’s all in one powerful suite now.
  3. Multi-party eSign automation. Docs can be signed concurrently or consecutively, with multiple parties filling a single role (i.e. a husband and wife both as “buyer” for example, then the doc going to 3 people who in total fill the “seller” role)
  4. Major Foundation Modules: Tasks / Projects / Pipeline, Calendar
  5. Dozens of Marketing improvements: Basic sales funnels, autoresponder sequences
  6. “Under the Hood” stuff: Distributed Publishing (helpful for performance, publishing basic websites), upgrades to various codes
  7. Messaging Systems: Email in & out both SMTP & Bulk Opt-in with IP; inbound with prep for mail parsing
  8. Timeclock is in public beta – a free solid timeclock for either employee attendance and/or client billing.
  9. Over a dozen API connections have been started; we’re moving the entire platform to “microservice architecture”, so nearly anything can be connected to an API “software bridge” to connect other systems.

Minor Components & Refinements

  1. Enhancements to SKUs – aka SwiftShop, items you sell. Anyone can now setup a basic store using SwiftCloud, though our focus is definitely on services, so this is designed primarily for service providers who have items as part of a package – example: Plumbers who sell a garbage disposal, or landlords who charge an application fee.
  2. Dozens of improvements to docs and especially doc handling rules
  3. Custom Variables added to Write CSV Row system
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