Affiliate Tracking

TIP: You can append “partner=XXXX” to any URL on SwiftCloud, and we’ll track you as the affiliate partner.

We have a Partner’s Program, for agencies, value-adding partners, media & influencers, etc.

This same system works for your account too.

The same system we use for affiliate tracking is available to you. You can build a sales army!

This shows up a few places; here is a single contact’s customer journey.

Customer Journey Tracking

If you click on Ad & Affiliate Tracking / Attribution, you’ll see it opens to expand long-URL & cookie-tracking + Auto-Detected details like language, referring page, etc.

Affiliate Tracking Software

This can be very helpful for Advertising Attribution, customer journey, Tag-Scoring, lead-scoring, affiliate tracking, and user segmenting.

In the coming months, we’ll be build out more robust reporting dashboards. For now, it’s simple, and what’s most important is that when a sale is made, we can see the data.

Affiliate tracking requires a capture, sale, or scheduling to be created. Prior to that we use cookies, and soon IP + browser fingerprinting, but we still need to capture them at some point for this to show up.

That said, our bulk email tools will allow for click-tracking, so if you send a URL to a known contact, we can track their activity.

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