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Affiliate Tracking

TIP: You can append “partner=XXXX” to any URL on SwiftCloud, and we’ll track you as the affiliate partner. We have a Partner’s Program, for agencies, value-adding partners, media & influencers, etc. This same system works for your account too. The…

Marketing Experiments

Marketing Experiments

Spend SMALL money to learn and test ideas before you spend medium or big money on advertising. One of the keys to transcending “Founder-itis” (dependency on the founder), and developing repeatable cost-per-acquired-client / cost-per-closed-deal is learning and refining your sales…

Advertise Online

The top 50 ad networks online, and how to ensure, or at least maximize the odds of getting a profitable campaign.

Roller Coaster

Feast or Famine: A Solution

Feast or Famine: A Solution. By connecting marketing budgets (time/$) to pipeline dips, you can add consistency to income. Here are a few tricks to make it work.

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Rules for Marketing Success

This was an old article I revisited, then revised heavily – for my own clarity and internal use and training – hope it helps you. Think of this as an open letter to our staff. 6 Rules for Marketing Success:…


Ad Sizes

This is what’s referred to as a “UAP” – “Universal Ad Package”. It is the most common four sizes. 300 x 250 – (Medium Rectangle) 180 x 150 – (Rectangle) 160 x 600 – (Wide Skyscraper) 728 x 90 –…