Expand Your Income by Working With SwiftCloud!

Top 7 Reasons Why WordPress Pros, Agency Owners (“Offliners”), Freelancers, Translators & Writers should work with SwiftCloud…

  1. Earn more money from your existing clients on setup fees. 100% of setup fees are yours to keep, even if you use our templates or we help with setup. In the U.S., typical setup fee to convert a waiver to e-sign might be $100 for 30 minutes of work, or an entire HR hiring packet for $2,000 to $3,000. TIP: Once you do the first one, others of the same industry = easier & faster & more profitable, and you can use one example to get more clients of the same type.
  2. Sell the future: Automation! Right now the economy is pretty solid, but it won’t always be. In good times, businesses can afford to invest, and in bad times, they have no choice but to buy automation so they can reduce work-hours & expenses. In really bad economies, business lay people off & buy automation – we’re not saying this is good, we love creating jobs, and laid off workers can use SwiftCloud to start a new business.
  3. Free Enterprise-Level Account for your agency. Currently, each client referred earns you 4 months of a SwiftCloud account to help grow your own agency business, and these can be used anytime & stacked up. If you earn more than 10 commissions, you’ll receive credit toward prizes & the SwiftCloud Cruise events. Fine print applies, see below.
  4. Upsell Revenue. Any partners on our partner’s list will also have advance notice on new products & features from SwiftCloud you can charge them to set up. If they’re existing users with branding intact, setup will usually be very easy – and potentially high profit.
  5. New Client Referrals from SwiftCloud. Industry experts & local / language help we’ll refer out for setup assistance & other services. We’ll soon build a searchable directory to showcase your business, and will refer to this internally when we refer incoming new clients who need setup assistance.
  6. Leverage SwiftCloud’s systems to build & sell or flip e-properties & businesses. SwiftCloud is well suited to paperwork automation so this is especially promising for industry associations that have paperwork & policies, and/or industry-vertical-properties (i.e. a membership site for house painters, then when you have 1,000 painters paying you $20/mo, sell the company to a large paint company).
  7. SwiftCloud will help you win new clients & separate you from competition. WordPress, awesome as it is, also is flooded with competition. SwiftCloud is a platform that’s incredibly flexible – like WordPress – but does very different things than WordPress was ever intended for. By providing greater value to your clients, you show you truly are the expert, and make happy clients – which will help you get more referrals & repeat business.

What’s Required?

  • General web facility i.e. front-end vs. back-end (like WordPress)
  • Very basic HTML i.e. embed an image
  • Very basic logic like show / hide logic
  • Attention to detail on URLs i.e. extra trailing / on URLs
  • Search skills i.e. search for a list of comma separated for dropdowns (i.e. Canada Provinces, USA states, etc.)

How do I get started?

  1. Refer your first client on a $1 trial and get them set up. Get things working. Brand the account to that client and play with the system a bit to understand it.
  2. When you have referred your first client, email us at SwiftCloudPartners {at} Gmail {dot} com so we credit your account. We’ll set up an account for you or add credit to your existing account.
  3. That’s it! It’s that simple.


  1. To get added to our list, please fill out the form below. This will get you…
    1. Advance notice before our general list of things you can sell or setup for clients,
    2. Periodic tips & tricks to grow your agency / business,
    3. Details about partner contests & live events
    4. Referrals to you specifically (won’t go the list, but we’ll use this info to make referrals)
  2. Training / Support Central
  3. Press Room / Influencer’s Assets – Brand Assets, Images & More


  • PPC Brand Bidding. We are legally required to enforce our trademark, and we also don’t want you driving up costs for our specific brand keywords. Don’t do it, and if you do, we’ve gotta come down on you legally & remove you from the program. You probably don’t want to do this anyway, you’ll be more profitable targeting problem-solution phrases, since business owners just want to solve a problem; anyone searching for our brand is deeper into the buying cycle and will be less profitable for you anyway.
  • Saying you work FOR the company.  You can call us a partner, or say you work “with” us, but don’t represent yourself as an official representative. Be cool & don’t misrepresent the relationship. You’re probably great, but we need to be clear anything you say does not necessarily represent the company, it is your own opinion or way of handling things.

SwiftCloud Partner Program Fine Print:

  • Referred user must stay subscribed for > 4 months i.e. you can’t just refer a bunch of $1-trial users to get the referral credit, this is for real referred clients. We’ll credit you right away, but will monitor this for abuse too.
  • The free account is manually credited; you’ll need to let us know whom you referred by emailing SwiftCloudPartners {at} gmail dot com.
  • The free account is designed to help you grow your agency, and is strictly non-transferrable. You cannot use the free account for some other client who pays you – our goal is build your business, and we give you an enterprise account so that you know all the possible features & how to use them. That said, it’s a powerful & valuable tool to help you grow your agency!
  • This is an independent relationship, and results will vary. Some past partners have earned substantial referral fees for large custom & semi-custom projects, but we need to be clear this is not a conventional job or assignment – it is business opportunity, and results will vary.