2.4 Updates – Drip Marketing, Doc Types, Contact Improvements & More

Version 2.4 of SwiftCloud sees hundreds of small improvements, and the beginning of some important and powerful new systems.

Major Components

  1. Custom Contact Fields. This elevates our Contact Manager to a full CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) for most small businesses.
  2. Sequences of messages and soon, automation events. This is both for Drip Marketing / Autoresponders (“after-only mode”), or Appointment Reminders (“before & after mode”)
  3. The Appointment Scheduler is in public preview sunrise mode. It works, but is currently “blind”, and may result in overlapping scheduled events you have to manually revise. If you don’t have a lot of appointments yet though, you may wish to use it, or you can use it to set things up now and deploy it during phase 2, when we read your schedule and rules. By sending it live now, we can better integrate it into landing pages and other systems.
  4. “Doc Types”. SwiftCloud is a powerful e-Paper system including with intake fields to replace any paper. New doc types introduced recently include:
    1. Job Postings, so you have an easy, powerful Job Board built into your account
    2. RFP / RFQ / RFI – Request for Proposal / Quote / Information
    3. Reviews. We have a powerful WordPress Reviews plugin that is getting enhanced so the actual reviews are within both SwiftCloud and your own website (the positive ones).
  5. Marketing Automation Systems –
    1. Landing Pages. You can generate unlimited landing pages as fast as you can type the content.
    2. Improvements to the URL generator system, aka “Bloodhound”, which will help you know what campaigns are profitable more easily.

Minor Updates

As always, we’ve also had 100+ small updates, bug reports from clients, small improvements to the user interface, etc.

Some of these are big, but for the sake of brevity here we’ll cover those separately, and others are enhancements to existing systems. Just a few examples:

  • Show-Hide (if-then conditional logic in e-Docs) can now trigger on birthdate (over or under age 18 or 21), or numbers (i.e. say, a credit score for landlord tenant applications).
  • Revisions to domain mapping: you can map any domain to SwiftCloud servers – i.e. clients.YourDomain.com, or portal.YourDomain.com etc and we’re working on more advanced URL controls
  • The e-Commerce SwiftShop.com systems are greatly improved, the invoice system is now integrated to that, and we’ve started a basic Point of Sale cash register system / tablet / kiosk system specifically for service businesses (i.e. day spa).
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