2.37 Updates – High Speed Mode + Version Control

2.37 – Core Systems Solid + PDF e-Signature is done. This is the last big release before version 2.4, though we’ll have a few small updates on the way.

Introducing High Speed Electronic Signatures

This was originally designed for a water park that needed 1,000 signatures per day. You can read more about it at https://swiftcloud.ai/support/high-volume-esignature but the short summary is that this most is often best for things like simple electronic signature waivers, in which you won’t usually have a lot more interaction with that customer (say, theme park visitors).

Later, as we work on “Project Beancounter” which will allow you to track any type of number-value ledger (employee paid time off, frequent flier miles, e-signatures per month, visits per month to a gym, refer 4 friends and get yours free… etc) we’ll switch to metered pricing, to better align our prices with value provided. Clients who use a 1,000 per day will pay more than those who need 10 e-signatures per year.

We’ve also introduced Spam Challenge for website forms, with whitelisting. If someone is a known client of yours and trusted, we’ll let them through, and if they’re a suspected spammer we’ll score them, challenge them, and potentially ghost their messages. Our goal is to less less spam slip through, and to that end we’ve started training the AI spam filtering. Your rating of emails that come in as valid or spam will help train your bot to what you want to allow through.

Less “sexy” but super important core changes:

  • Version control. All docs now automatically save all previous versions, and thus will allow for reversion if you make a mistake. Not a big deal 99% of the time, but when that 1% happens you really want it.
  • Improvements to core systems and failovers. Our goal of “Project Bulletproof” was to ensure docs never fail, even in extreme circumstances, and in a way we can support 10,000 signatures per hour i.e. the system can be scaled up as needed.
  • Preparation for Database Sharding, which will allow EU clients to use a completely EU based system – EU code, EU database, etc for low latency; this will also pave the way for on-premise hybrid cloud systems for very high speed systems and medical HIPAA compliance.
  • for Developers: SwiftCloud also now allows POST of variables into a doc, in addition to the previous GET system. These systems are designed for semi-custom e-sign docs (and soon envelopes of docs)
  • Dozens of small UI changes and improvements
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