2.42 Updates – Getting Paid: Sign & Pay, SwiftShop, Invoices

Version 2.42 of SwiftCloud sees dozens of small improvements, and addition of payment options tightly integrated into SwiftCloud.

Major Components

  1. Getting Paid: 8 ways of collecting money through SwiftCloud.AI. Currently we’re using Stripe, but will soon be adding ACH e-Check options, bitcoin, and additional systems to support various currencies and methods. Most of our focus has been on this powerful suite.
  2. Agreements – Subscriptions, Hourly Billing. We’ve ripped out and replaced our internal billing system, and this powerful new set of tools allows you to use the same code for any membership or recurring-billing system, including gym memberships, membership websites, apartment rentals, website “Digital Landlord Program”, club management, and other similar systems. Naturally, these are integrated with our social / contact tools. The hourly billing will interface with our Timeclock system (in early beta) and timesheet systems (live now and working).
  3. Templates >> Clone Folder. You can now clone not just a single asset, but an entire folder of assets.
  4. “Bloodhound” ad tracking was added to just about everything, baked into the platform.
  5. Signer verification was added, for users without a relationship (and digital history) with that signer’s email, to verify identity.
  6. Inbound API for Sequences was created, in preparation for CRM-style email sequences, which is still in beta. Currently, only the first message will fire out.

Minor Components

  1. The foundation was set for Enterprise Features, which is a major component, but not much of this is live and usable yet.
  2. Improvements to the blue notification options for when you capture docs or leads.
  3. The Outbound API was refined and is now 100% ready to use with security features in place.
  4. Over 30 small misc bug fixes and misc small improvements
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