SwiftCloud 3.0: Update Your URLs

If you’re seeing this page, your URLs
need to be updated to SwiftCloud 3.0.


All urls should start with “preview.SwiftCRM.com”, or your mapped domain, not “Portal.SwiftCRM.com

We are on the following timeline:

  1. No New Docs on 2.0: SwiftCloud 2.0 Front-end only is closed – December 23, 2023 (Christmas weekend). The backend of SwiftCloud 2.0 at crm.SwiftCRM.com will still be operational, only for purpose of migration. SwiftCloud staff will migrate all signed docs, contacts, calendar events, etc – no action is required by you other than update your URLs.
  2. Data Migration: Expected completion: Dec 31, 2023. All signed PDFs, contacts, etc will be pushed to your new SwiftCloud 3.0 account.

For the last few months, we’ve been focused on the past: keeping the existing services running, on the all-new platform.

Starting in January, we turn our focus to the future, and have some exciting things planned for 2024.

Our job is help your business succeed. Keep in touch! We love hearing from clients.

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