Swift CRM – Year End Update 2021 – ACH, SMS & More

We’ve been focused on CRM systems lately, and making exciting progress toward integrating everything into an all-in-one system for service based businesses.

Build 2.60 current release includes….

  • ACH Payments – You can get paid via ACH e-Check, which is best for large payment amounts due to fees. This is great for staffing software, construction CRM, agency services – any payment more than a few hundred dollars, in which the fees for a credit card get excessive. Currently, this is in free beta – we don’t charge per transaction yet, but we’ll set a flat-rate on them soon (probably something like $2/each). Funds will flow via Plaid directly into your bank account within a few days. Currently this is only on invoices, but we’ll add it to auto-draft (agreements / subscription / leases) next.
  • Outbound Phone Calling – we’ve started building in dialer software, and have added outbound-only phone calling. Over time we’ll add in more dialer features, including voicemail-drop, call recording, etc. Currently, this is also in free beta, we can see what people do but don’t yet charge for it. We’ll continue to improve phone calling throughout 2022.
  • SMS Marketing – We’ve made various improvements to the SMS marketing suite, so now you can add SMSs into marketing sequences, appointment reminders, and any responses will show in the home-feed.
  • CRM Contact Management improvements – Dozens of small improvements to the CRM software and specifically contact management, for both groups and individual contacts. The CSV importer has been improved to allow contact-specific tags (i.e. #pastclient), and various changes made as we move to campaign management, in which you can design a “playbook” then run that playbook on a group.
  • Email Marketing software improvements – reporting has been added, to show you open rates, click-through rates. We’ve start to associate groups to actions-tracking, so you can for example get a group to eSign a doc, then track who has signed and who hasn’t (i.e. Bulk eSign, or paid their Union Membership Dues)
  • Calendar & Scheduler: Calendar is now synced to Android / Google Calendar, and has an iCal feed for the Apple iPhone folks as well.

and of course, aside from this, we’ve had dozens of small changes, API updates, integration smoothing, wordpress updates and more.


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