2.38 Updates – Invoices & Estimates, Portal Software, Video Marketing & More

Version 2.38 of SwiftCloud introduces the following systems

Major Components

  1. Invoices / Estimates / Quotes / Receipts is now in Phase 1: “Just the Basics”. We’ll make this better over time – for now, it’s great for project estimates and sales quotes. And it’s free, for now, at least through all of 2019.
  2. Video Systems – for marketing and education, investor relations, and more. SwiftCloud’s Video Landing Pages, Video Sales Pages, Video on Demand / Recorded Webinars, and Video Email
  3. Reviews systems – we now have powerful systems for 1 to 5 stars, 0 to 10 ratings, along with dozens of small improvements related to review systems for Customer Review and reputation management, or Annual Employee Reviews, or whatever else you want to get reviews for.
  4. e-Sign Sessions / Sales Collaboration – Phase 1. This will allow you to start a complex form or application over the phone, then turn it over for a client to complete and e-sign, or a client to start a complex application such as financing applications and save it to return and finish later (i.e. if they need to look up their tax returns for example). It is also a stepping stone to our next phase of multi-party e-sign.

Refinements & Enhancements

  1. “Project Bulletproof”. Whenever we can, we have carefully worked to protect the client at all costs. We can prevent every single bug, but we have designed the system to not lose critical data – so for example if your email server blocks our email server, we still have the e-signature, it’s just waiting on our server – the upstream chain of events isn’t affected. This is an on-going project that is a mix of backups, security, coding styles and more to help create systems you can trust. We take this stuff extremely seriously and much of our work is mission critical for clients. Some of our (private) code is used even in times of national emergency (pharmacies, and CII drugs tracked by the U.S. DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency)), and even in severe circumstances, these systems cannot fail.
  2. Improvements to our Audit Trail and e-sign verification and security, along with updates to the look and feel of the e-sign process.
  3. Over 100 small improvements to misc systems – too many to list here, all based on real-world feedback. Keep it coming! We love hearing ideas on how the system can help you streamline & automate your business.
  4. Infrastructure and server improvements to stay ahead of growth.

Policies & Business Processes

We also have implemented a few business process changes that may give clients visibility into product phases.

Each function we release will go through a few phases, which are:

    1. Phase 0: Beta / Semi-Private Solutions. This is invite only typically, but we are working hands on with a small group of clients to use this in the real world. There’s work prior to this, but if you’re interested in a real solution to a problem that’s not yet public, let us know. We may offer “lock in” / pre-launch prepay pricing” for clients who pay a few years up front to solve a problem, and in return, we work hands on with you to get a 100% working fully installed solution that saves you money in the long run as a reward for your faith and investment.
    2. Phase 1: “Just the Basics”. As the title implies, this is early stage focused on a Minimum Viable Solution – just the basics, but solid and done well.
    3. Phase 2: “Good Enough”. Our goal is great, easy to use software that delivers real value for 95% of users. It won’t fit every possible case, but  as we solve for the most common 75%, then 80%, then 90% of use cases, this evolves. Our pricing will always stay below market here – we can afford to underprice competitors, but we won’t be as refined during this phase to meet every possible client’s needs – but it’s good enough to do the trick for most.
    4. Phase 3: The best. We are on track for our e-signature solution to be the best solution on the market, bar none. That’s a tall order, we know – but we’re on track. Other products will follow in time.
    5. Phase 4: It disappears. Like movie special effects, the better we do our jobs, the less you notice the software. You just want it to work, and be so easy you don’t even think about it. Over time, with AI / Machine Intelligence, some things will happen 100% hands free, and to you, totally disappear – just working for you silently, leaving you to focus on other things.
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