SwiftCloud Email Marketing

Bulk Email

Bulk Email broadcasting in SwiftCloud / SwiftCRM is easy, once you know where to look. First, here’s the easy short summary: Import a CSV list of people / companies you want to contact Write the message you want to go…

e-Signature Example Multi-Party

e-Signature: Client + You Options

Many electronic signature users need an agreement signed by 2 parties: themselves and someone else i.e. a client. You have 2 ways to do this: PRE-SIGNED: The Easy Way: Pre-Sign it yourself. Easy, effective, does the trick, and then it…

Write Event to CSV Spreadsheet

A common request is to see a list of people who signed a doc. This system actually works with any of our systems – E-Signature, e-Commerce / Shop / Store, lead capture, event scheduler, etc – the same system applies….

Sign and Pay

Electronic Signature With Payment (Sign & Pay)

You can now get a signature and payment all in one step, on one doc. NOTE: If your doc contains Electronic Signature and a Payment Form, we will automatically change the button to Sign & Pay We have a variety…

e-signature on phone

Conditional Logic Forms

We’ve added an exciting new feature to our electronic signature system, which is… TIP: RELATED: See also “Conditional Redirect“ Branching / Conditional Logic What’s that? Glad you asked…. MOST COMMON USES: e-Waiver: Are you over 18? // if under, get…

Sign and Pay

Getting Paid

We have many ways to collect money in SwiftCloud, which are… Invoice / Estimate / Proposal / Receipt System Shopping Cart / SwiftShop / e-Store Landing Pages or Sales Page Signup-with-Product (i.e. Memberships) e-Sign In-Doc Mode “Sign & Pay” –…

Sessions - Chain image

User Sessions

A “Session” is an doc + data filled into it. Usually this is used for sales, but it’s also good for HR packets and other complex forms. GOAL: Fill in a form and hand it off to a client to…

e-Sign PDF

PDF e-Signature Setup

Note: PDFs will not work nicely on phones because the format must match the source exactly. Our shortcode [swift_email] type system is better for over 90% of documents because it will work better on phones / tablets / desktop. PDF e-Sign…

Guest User

Guest User (Name Missing)

GOAL: Show Jane Doe instead of Guest User 8349 Problem: We need _1_ contact to be the “master namer” at any given time. This occurs because there can be multiple people in a doc (i.e. child + parent, seller(s) +…

Legal e-signature

What Authentication Level Should I Use?

What signor authentication level you require depends on your choice and use and balance between hassling the users (signor(s)) and ease of use. More secure = more hassle for user. Greater legal defense. Less work (easier) = less secure /…