2.36 Updates – PDFs

Changes for version 2.36 have been generally more small changes related to “Project Bulletproof” in which we can handle 10k/signatures/hour over multiple servers. We have also added e-sign PDFs, though so far only the basics are done.

As always, we’ve made dozens of small changes to the user interface as well based on real world feedback.

  • E-Signature PDFs.  The basics are working, but we have a collection of smaller known issues on deck.
  • E-Sign Doc (Responsive-docs) bug-handling, which are rare but occur when users copy & paste docs from other apps such as MS Word, which may contain non-standard formatting and/or tables.
  • Improvements for “graceful errors”, so that even if PDF generation fails for some reason (above), the captured data and audit trail is still intact.
  • Preparation for Version History, which will allow doc & form owners to revert back if needed
  • Substantial progress on some not yet public projects as part of versions 2.4 and 2.5.
  • WordPress Plugins:

As always, we value your input – contact us if you have feedback, concerns, bug reports, or feature requests.

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