2.39 Updates – Sessions & Multi-Party e-Sign, Bulk e-Sign & More

Version 2.39 of SwiftCloud introduces the following systems:

Major Components

  1. Sessions – this allows you to start a sales application over the phone then turn it over to the client to e-sign (instantly, via URL even). This is a critical stepping stone to multi-party e-sign automation as well.
  2. “Smart Views” / Filtered Views. This will be helpful for things like helpdesk functions, sales lead prioritization, applicant tracking system functions, etc – anytime you need to save a list-criteria.
  3. Reviews suite completed and related to that, conditional logic in forms. Use this for customer feedback reviews, employee reviews, 360 reviews, and more.
  4. Domain Mapping + Portal Software with Full Branding.
  5. APIs work for systems like Facebook Lead Forms intake, Zapier integration, etc.

Minor Updates

We’ve knocked out over 100 small bugs and improvements, far too many to list here. Many were related to our “Smart Doc” system, contact systems in preparation for CRM functions, and dozens of small improvements to e-Sign PDFs.

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